Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Intellect Guide

A guide on how to raise Intellect (Personality Stat) in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are all the activities, Vocational School Exams, Part-time Hero Challenges, and items that increase Intellect, benefits, and elements that require a certain level of Intellect to unlock.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Intellect Guide

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Intellect Guide

Benefits of Raising Intellect

Raising Intellect grants you higher resistance to the Brainwash status condition. Note that it is also important for scouting potential employees in Business Management.

How to Raise Intellect

Pass Vocational School Exams

Below are the Vocational School Exams that raise Intellect. Note that taking Vocational School Exams requires an Exam Fee that you must pay for each attempt.

All Vocational School Exam Answers

Exam Personality Increased Exam Fee
Isezaki Ijincho Proficiency
  • Intellect +100
50,000 Yen
Mathematics Tier 2
  • Intellect +60
30,000 Yen
Mathematics Tier 1
  • Intellect +100
50,000 Yen
  • Intellect +100
50,000 Yen
World History
  • Intellect +100
50,000 Yen
Trivia King Tier 2
  • Kindness +20
  • Charisma +20
  • Intellect +20
30,000 Yen
Trivia King Tier 1
  • Kindness +40
  • Charisma +40
  • Intellect +40
50,000 Yen
Trivia King Special Tier
  • Kindness +50
  • Charisma +50
  • Intellect +50
100,000 Yen

Part-time Hero Challenges

Below are the Part-time Hero Challenges that raise Intellect. They include a number of in-game objectives that you can complete while going through the game’s main story.

Part-time Hero Challenges
  • Get 5,000 chips with BJ
  • Clear all Survivor’s Chinese medicine
  • Get 3 types of Dancer weapons
  • Get 5,000 chips in Poker
  • Clear Kappo Katsumi’s menu
  • Order Chinese herbs 5 times
  • Clear one Tsume Shogi
  • Activate Extreme Skills 1,000 times
  • Activate Extreme Skills 100 times
  • Activate Extreme Skills 300 times
  • Activate Extreme Skills 30 times
  • Activate Extreme Skills 500 times
  • Use attack items 10 times
  • Collect 5 types of insects
  • Pass 5 Vocational School Exams
  • Get 3 types of Clerk weapons
  • Play one game of Shogi
  • Defeat 100 enemies in Kamurocho
  • Defeat 100 people as a Fortune-Teller
  • Get 2 types of Fortune-Teller weapons

Part-Time Hero Quests

Items that Raise Intellect

Below are the items that can be used to raise Intellect. Note that they items below are one-time use only.

Name How to Get
Special Theory of Relativity Brutality Batting Center, Shogi (Premium Exchange)

Mini Games

Honk Honk Girl Service

Talking to a Honk Honk Girl also allows you to raise Intellect for a fee. Below is a list of all Honk Honk Girls that increase Intellect, their locations and appearance rate, and cost for the service.

Name Location and Appearance Stats Increased Cost
Mr. Honk Honk (uncle) Ijincho – North of Hidamari Castle to the northwest of the courtyard.

He appears in the alley where you get off the taxi at the election administration office in the eastern street area of ​​Kamiuchi Station. You must clear Chapter 11 to open the door where he can be found. ??? chance of appearing at noon and low at night.

All stats +10 100,000 Yen
Princess Honk Honk Kamurocho – Alley north of batting center at the hotel district. Get off the taxi west of Shichifuku-dori in Kamurocho. Low chance of appearing at noon and at night.
  • Intellect +10
  • Style +10
50,000 Yen

All Honk Honk Girl Locations

Hangout Spots that Increase Intellect

Hangout Spots (Intellect)
  • Seagull Cinema (Lord of the Wedding Rings Legend: Prologue, Isezaki Ijincho, a History)
  • Shogi
  • Mahjong
  • Karaoke
  • Game Center

Features that Require Raising Intellect

Human Resources (Employees) for Business Management

Human Resources (Intellect)
  • IT Nagai
  • Yun
  • Sanya
  • Tsuitsui
  • Fujinami

Business Management Guide


Job (Charisma)
Fortune Teller

All Character Jobs List

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