Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Darts Mini-Game Guide


Guide on the darts mini game in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are an overview, locations, effects, quests, rules, tips, and types of darts.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Darts Mini-Game Guide

Darts Mini-Game Guide

Where to play Darts

Place Area
Darts Bar Bee Ijincho
Bantam Kamurocho Millenium Tower East Street


The darts mini game allows Kasuga to improve his bond with one of his many opponents.

Play Spot Adventure Quests

Play darts and achieve one of the following challenges to boost Kasuga’s Mental stat. Below is a list of challenges.

Challenge Human Power
Defeat 3 people Mental Boost
Win 10 darts Mental Boost
Execute Hat Trick 3 times Mental Boost

Human Power


When playing darts, the score depends on where the dart lands on the board. The high score can be achieved by hitting the inner circle three times or otherwise known as the Hat Trick.

Modes and how to win

Mode Winning condition
Zero One First to get to 0 wins
Cricket Close numbers and achieve a higher score
Count-Up First to get a high score wins

Zero One

The basic way to win a game of darts is to reach a score of 0 before your opponent does. Decide the placement of the darts on the board carefully to work towards your goal. If the score goes past the limit, you will receive a BUST and will be swapped. If neither players reach the score before the time is up, the player with less score wins. Single and double BULL gives 50 points each.


Cricket is a mode where each player marks an area on the dart board. After the area has been marked, only the player whose dart landed on that area can score points there. Choose an area wisely and then aim to rack up points to beat your opponent’s. Similar to Zero One, whoever has the better score when the time is up wins. If one player marks all the numbers before his opponent does, he automatically wins.


Unlike the previous modes, Count-up does not have impose any limitations. Aim to achieve a high score before your opponent does by placing your darts on sections that give a better score. The count-up mode also borrows from Zero One where a player earns 50 points for getting single or double BULL.

Zero One Tips

Look for spots that give many points when starting out. Spots that give triples or BULL, the latter provides much more room for error. Aim to line your shots to achieve BULL.

If your score is lower than your opponent’s, aim to reach a score of 0. Keep checking your score after each turn and avoid getting BUST.

Cricket Tips

Focus on 20 triples. These are spots lying on the third layer from the BULL of the dart board.

Another option is to reserve the other favorable spots such as the BULL and its nearby layer. Keep hitting your marked spots to build up your points.

Count-Up Tips

Similar to Cricket, your goal is to focus on 20 triples. Winning by hitting BULL is another option that will depend on who you’re facing. When in doubt, stick to lining up 20 triples.

Use other kinds of darts

Darts are listed according to type ranging from the average normal darts to the high tier legend darts. More expensive darts offer better precision when aiming.

List of darts

Dart type Cost Rating
Legend darts 500,000 yen SSS
Gold darts 100,000 yen SS
Premier darts 30,000 yen S
Silver darts 10,000 yen A
Normal darts 5,000 yen B

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