Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Taxi Locations List and Guide

List and guide on taxi locations in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Included are an overview and list of taxis and their locations.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Taxi Locations List and Guide

Taxi Locations List and Guide

How to unlock

The taxi stands are scattered in different areas. Some areas have more than one taxi stand. Approach the taxi and interact with it to unlock its location. Each taxi fare costs 700 yen.

List of taxi locations


Taxi Area Location
1 Hamakita Park Hamakita Park (East)
2 Hamakita Park Hamakita Park (West)
3 Chinatown Chinatown (North)
4 Chinatown Chinatown (South)
5 Kamiuchi Station Dart Bar Bee
6 Kamiuchi Station Le Nouveau Hama
7 Kamiuchi Station (East) Sunlight Castle
8 Kamiuchi Station (East) Election Office
9 Kamiuchi Station (East) Jinnai Station
10 Kamiuchi Station (North) Part-time Hero Inc.
11 Kamiuchi Station (West) Heaven’s Golf
12 Snack Town Survive
13 Korea town Yokohama main street residential
14 Korea Town Entrance
15 Korea Town Fukutokucho
16 Korea Town Hyakukei entrance
17 Employment Area Tsurukama Highway (West)
18 Employment Area Central Street (West)
19 Employment Area Near the Can quest
20 Employment Area Hello Work
21 Employment Area Romance Workshop
22 Red-light district Rose Blossom Cabaret
23 Isezaki Road Isezaki Entrance
24 Isezaki Road Pocket Cafe
25 Isezaki Road Seagull Cinema


Taxi Location
1 Shichifuku (West)
2 Taiping Street (East)
3 Tenkaichi Entrance
4 Pink Street Entrance
5 Park Front Entrance
6 Shichifuku (East)
7 Street in front of Seagull Cinema
8 Behind the square
9 Facing Millennium Tower
10 One Street
11 Pink Street


Taxi Location
1 Sotenbori (West)
2 Sotenbori (East)
3 Blessing Town (West)
4 Blessing Town (South)
5 Bunzaemonsuji Higashi
6 Iwahashi
7 Blessing Town
8 Bokufukucho (Southwest)

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