Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Item Collection Side Quest

Guide for the Part-time Hero Item Collection side quest in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Included are basic information on items, gathering spots, and rewards.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Part-Time Hero Item Collection Side Quest

Part-Time Hero Item Collection Side Quest

This side quest belongs to the Part-Time Hero Rescue Quests in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The side quest asks Ichiban Kasuga to fetch items within the game’s locations.

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Side Quest
Item Collection
Locations Starting Location Rewards
  • Joban Street, Kamiuchi Station, Hamakita Park
Part-Time Hero office
(Cafe Brave Restaurant 3/F)
  • Additional Yen
  • Various Items
  • Part-Time Hero member rank
Unlock Conditions

Item Collection Strategies

Finding Items

It is best to visit specific spots throughout the game when hunting for items. Look for glowing spots in the overworld, approach it, and then press the Square button to interact with it. Below is a summary of the areas to find certain items.


Dragon Kart (Hamakita Park)

The Dragon Kart mini game which is unlocked at Hamakita Park sells different kinds of bento. Another way to obtain them is to complete missions that take place in Survive Bar. Bring the required ingredients and talk to the manager to make bento.

Gardening Guide


Drinks can be bought from vending machines that are scattered all over the map. Some drinks appear only from red vending machines, while others are sold from blue ones. In addition, some red vending machines have drinks that can’t be found from others of their kind.

Vending Machine

Flowers 2 Go and Hero’s Harvest (Hamakita Park)

Similar to food collection, you can find shops selling ornamental plants, flowers, and vegetables at the park. Flowers can also be picked up during dungeon explorations so don’t forget to check your inventory before making a purchase.

Kokekokko (Company Management Office)

Eggs can be retrieved from the chicken NPC inside the company management office. Interact with the chicken multiple times to obtain an egg.

Other items

These items can be found in other mini games and facilities. You can find plate items from areas like the casino and the gambling hall and you can obtain old appliances through the can collection exchange.

Items for combat can be found from the pawn shops such as Benten Pawn and Ebisu Pawn, the latter appears in Chapter 12.

Item Delivery Locations

Below are the detailed information on where to delivery the items in the game.

Food Collection

Type Required Items
Food Collection Quest 1-1 Soup Kitchen Pork Soup x1, Half-empty Drink x2, Disposed Bento x3
Food Collection Quest 1-2 Nozaki’s Corned Beef, Oragamachi Natto, Pine Candy
Bento Collection Quest 1-1 Bento Lunch Set, Fried Chicken Bento
Bento Collection Quest 1-2 Luxury Yakiniku Bento, Premium Sushi Set
Sweets Collection Quest 1 Almond Jelly x2, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Mango Pudding
Daily Necessities Collection Quest 1 Roasted Chestnuts x2, Cemedine Super X, Kao Attack Zero
Souvenirs of the City Collection Quest 1 Fluffy Croquette, Grandma’s Cookies x2, SEGA Taiyaki
Souvenirs of Chinatown Collection Quest Handmade Meat Bun, Bean Paste Bun, Shark Fin Bun
Juice Collection Quest 1 Apple Defense x1, Peach Step x2, Poiseidon Power x1
Juice Collection Quest 2 Guardian Water x1, Muscle Soda x1, Quickness Lemon x1
Bento Collection Quest 2-1 Mishmash Lunch Box x2, Packed Lunch Box x2
Bento Collection Quest 2-2 Chilled Noodles Lunch Box x2, Homestyle Lunch Box x2
Takoyaki Collection Quest Master’s Takoyaki x1, Renowned Akashiyaki x1, Takoyaki with Large Octopus x1
Juice Collection Quest 3 Kiwami Drink x1, Sengoku Coffee x1
Egg Collection Quest 1 Eggs x3
Egg Collection Quest 2 Quality Eggs x2
Egg Collection Quest 3 Golden Egg

Vegetable Collection

Type Required Items
Vegetable Collection Quest 1 Daikon, Potato x2
Vegetable Collection Quest 2 Onion x2, Tomato
Vegetable Collection Quest 3 Hot Pepper x1, Garlic x2
Vegetable Collection Quest 4 Mysterious Carrot x1, Mysterious Mushroom x2

Flower Collection

Type Required Items
Flower Collection Quest Bouquet of Lilies, Bouquet of Pansies, Bouquet of Roses

Combination Collection

Type Required Items
Combination Collection Quest Bonsai x2, Luxury Kiwami Lunch Box

Non-Food Collection

Type Required Items
Home Appliance Collection Quest Worn-out Microwave, Worn-out TV
Plate Collection Quest 1 Bronze Plate, Silver Plate
Battle Items Collection Quest 1 Astringent Gauze, Hardball, Smoke Bomb
Battle Items Collection Quest 2 Fear Gas Ball, Lamp Stand, Daunt Gas Ball
Plate Collection Quest 2 Gold Plate, Platinum Plate
Battle Items Collection Quest 3 Kunai, Modded Model Gun
Battle Items Collection Quest 4 Incendiary Grenade, Hand Grenade
Battle Items Collection Quest 5 Liquid Nitrogen Spray, Rocket Launcher

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