Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Chapter 4: The Rocket Girls Substory Walkthrough

A complete substory walkthrough for Substory 42 - The Rocket Girls in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are conditions to unlock the side quest, objectives, locations, obtainable items, enemies, and rewards.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Substory 42: The Rocket Girls Walkthrough

Substory 42: The Rocket Girls

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Substory 42 The Rocket Girls Walkthrough


Occurrence Chapter 4: Dragon of Yokohama
Unlocking Condition Clear Substory 41: Two-headed Bomb
Win Dragon Kart Pegasus Cup
Location Hamakita Park
Clear Reward 300 rings, Rapid Phantom kart availability for 500,000 yen

Substory 42: The Rocket Girls Walkthrough

1 Once you won the Pegasus Cup and cleared substory 41, return to Hamakita Park and look for two women named Ai and Matsuko.
2 Accept their challenge for a race by picking the top option: “It’s a match!”.
3 Race against them on the Road Explode course. The race will begin foggy and use the mini-map to navigate. Avoid explosive drums while leading the race.
4 If you win the race, you will obtain 300 rings and unlock the Rapid Phantom Kart purchasable for 500,000 Yen.


Use mini-map and switch Point of View

You will start the race in a less visible and foggy track. Take advantage of your mini-map and change your point of view in 3rd person to view your surroundings.

Choose the right race kart

You can use either use a Crimson Fire kart for a well-balanced performance and quick turn advantage or a Golden Phalanx Kart with maxed out durability in this race.

Be wary of explosive drums

While competing in the race, make it a point to avoid nearby explosive drums. You can avoid receiving damage using the following pick-up items:

Item Description
Machine Gun Destroy multiple explosive drums by shooting bullets to them from a distance.
Ring x10 Restore the durability of your kart by acquiring rings durign the race.
Rocket Launcher An alternative for machine guns but it may not hit all explosive drums. Acquire this item when you don’t have a machine gun.

Don’t take the last speed up boost

We suggest not taking the last speed up boost since you may hit an explosive drum by accident. Your opponents, Ai and Matsuko, may run into explosive drums so capitalize on their mistakes instead.

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