Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Dragon Kart Guide

A guide on the Dragon Kart mini-game in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are the mini-game's basic mechanics, controls, game modes, list of obtainable karts, Grand Prix tournaments, tips and strategies to win, and rewards.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Dragon Kart Guide

Dragon Kart Mini Game Guide

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Dragon Kart Mini Game Guide

What is Dragon Kart?

Dragon Kart is a racing mini-game that you can play to earn various rewards. It also serves as a nice break from the main story.

Basic Mechanics

Using a customizable race kart, you must race across various challenging courses around the different cities to collect rings that can be exchanged for special rewards. Each race consists of 3 laps where racers must battle to get 1st place.

Aside from rings, item boxes can be found scattered throughout the courses. Picking them up grants you various power-ups and weapons to use to your advantage during the race.

Your go-kart has an endurance meter displayed at the bottom of the screen. Crashing into other racers or getting hit by weapons will deplete your kart’s endurance which can be restored by picking up rings found in each course. Note that you will come to a full halt and will not be able to move for a while if your kart’s endurance reaches zero.

How to Access Dragon Kart

Dragon Kart can be accessed by talking to Fujisawa north of Hamakita Park in Ijincho during Chapter 4: Dragon of Yokohama.


Input Command
Left Analog Stick Steer
Use power-up/weapon/item
× Jump/drift
Switch item
L1 Rear camera
L2 Break/reverse
R2 Accelerate
Touchpad Pause

Game Modes

Grand Prix

Grand Prix pits you against 8 other racers to vie for 1st place. Placing 1st to 3rd at the end of the race unlocks more challenging Grand Prix challenges that you can join to earn more points.

Time Attack

Time Attack is a solo game mode where your goal is to achieve the fastest time for any of the available courses.

List of  Obtainable Dragon Karts

Name Characteristics How to Obtain
Crimson Fire Balanced performance and beginner-friendly. Obtained by default
Navy Fang High acceleration Obtained by default
Golden Phalanx High durability and can be upgraded to increase the maximum number of weapons you can hold. Obtained by default
Ignition Shadow Balanced performance and essentially an improved Crimson Fire. Clear Sub Story 43: Intelligent Runner
Rapid Phantom High acceleration and essentially an improved Navy Fang. Clear Sub Story 42: We are Girls
Ramburg Crusher High durability and essentially an improved Golden Phalanx. Its tough body shows its power in melee. Clear Sub Story 41: Hama Bomber
Rising Dragon High all-around performance and durability. Clear Substory 46: The Great Lengths of the Bousou-otoko

Grand Prix Cups

Below are the courses Kasuga can join and compete:

Cerberus Cup

A tournament series for beginners which features mostly basic courses:

Round Course
1 Primal Road
2 Dirt Drive
3 Split Accelerator

Pegasus Cup

A tournament series for intermediate drivers which features athletic courses:

Round Course
1 Tricky Bounce
2 Oily Way
3 Road Explode

Phoenix Cup

A tournament series for advanced drivers which features challenging courses:

Round Course
1 Pain Circuit
2 Float Highway
3 Winding Cloth

Dragon Cup

A tournament series for the best drivers which features extremely difficult courses. The Dragon Cup can only be accessed after clearing Sub Story 45 – Battle of Han:

Round Course
1 Sonic Stampede
2 Fatal Hazard
3 Final Kamurocho Circuit

Dragon Kart Tips

Use start dash.

You can activate a boost at the start of the race by pressing and holding down the R2 button as the timer starts to count down. If done correctly, you should shoot straight out and far ahead of the other racers to have an early advantage during the race.

Use the dash tiles

Dash tiles found on various points of the course also grant you a temporary speed boost to pull away further from the rest of the drivers or use it to gain on those ahead of you. Note that enemy drivers will almost always use dash tiles so failing to use them allows your opponents to widen their advantage or overtake you.

Drift around corners

Pressing the × button allows you to drift smoothly around corners, preventing you from losing too much speed until the road runs straight again. Try to attack corners from the outside going in as well for a more solid entry.

Dragon Kart Rewards

Here are the rewards for joining the Dragon Kart racing tournament:

Name Points Required
Toughness 200
Toughness Z 350
Toughness ZZ 500
Tauriner 200
Tauriner+ 350
Tauriner++ 500
Staminan Light 200
Staminan X 350
Staminan XX 500
First Aid Kit 500
Luxury First Aid Kit 1000
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