Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Final Millennium Tower Guide

A guide on the Final Millennium Tower post-game dungeon in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are basic information on the Final Millenium Tower, how to unlock, features, enemies, bosses, strategies and tips, and benefits and rewards for clearing.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Final Millennium Tower Guide

Final Millennium Tower Guide

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Final Millennium Tower Guide

How to Unlock

The Final Millennium Tower is a special dungeon area featuring the most powerful enemies in the game. It is unlocked by clearing the main story at least once.

Main Story Walkthroughs


After clearing the main story, you can access the Final Millennium by heading into the same Millennium Tower found in Chapter 15 – The End of the Rise. It is right in front of the Millennium Tower taxi stand in Kamurocho.


Powerful Enemies

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Final Millennium Tower Guide

As mentioned, enemies and bosses will be extremely high-leveled, going up to as high as Lv.80. Because of this, it is recommended to be at least Lv.75 before taking on the Final Millennium Tower. Note that even regular enemies will prove to be very challenging if your party is below the suggested level.

No Save Points

You will not be able to save your progress at any point when inside the Final Millennium Tower. Being defeated will result in a Game Over before taking you back to the title screen to start over.

Exit Points

Going to an exit on any of the floors of the tower allows you to proceed to the next are or leave the tower.


All-target Attacks

You will encounter large groups of enemies throughout the different floors of the Final Millennium Tower so having access to techniques that can damage multiple enemies is recommended. Bosses, meanwhile, should be dealt with by exploiting their weaknesses.

Consumable Items

Bringing a full stock of items to recover HP, MP, and those that revive downed allies is a must when taking on the Final Millennium Tower. MP recovery will be especially important as you will mostly rely on Extreme Techniques to clear mobs of enemies efficiently and attacking boss weaknesses.


The bosses found on each floor of the tower are essentially phantoms of those encountered in the main story called “Thought Bodies.” They have the same attacks and weaknesses as their main story counterparts but have lower HP.

Below is a summary of the Thought Body Bosses found in each floor of the Final Millennium Tower.

Thought Body Bosses

Floor Boss Lv. Weakness
2nd Floor Taiga Saejima 70 Cold
4th Floor Goro Majima 75 Hot Air
5th Floor Yosuke Tendo 80 Electricity
6th Floor Kazuma Kiryu 80 Cold

Boss Guides

Secret Boss Shin Amon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Shin Amon Secret Boss

Shin Amon, a secret boss and the most powerful one in the game, can be fought at the end of the Final Millenium Tower. He proves to be an extremely difficult enemy to take down and can wipe out your party easily with his variety of attacks and techniques.

View our Shin Amon Boss Guide below for a full guide on how to defeat him.

Shin Amon Secret Boss Guide

Benefits and Rewards for Clearing

Large Amounts of Money and EXP

Defeating the Thought Body Bosses found in the Final Millennium Tower gives you a large amount of money and experience points, making the dungeon one of the best ways to farm during the post-game stages.

Leveling Guide

Simply defeating Thought Body Taiga Saejima (the first boss in the tower) nets you around 5 million Yen and 150,000 EXP. Exit the tower after beating him and repeat the process to quickly amass a lot of money and experience. Clearing the entire Final Millennium Tower, meanwhile, gives you about 30 million Yen on a single run.

Money Farming Guide

Rare Materials

The materials used for crafting the game’s strongest weapons can also be farmed in the Final Millennium. Simply repeat sections of the dungeon to collect Rough Rubies, Gold Moths, and other rare materials until you can craft the best weapons in the game.

How to Get the Best Weapons

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  1. Also, after clearing the True Final Millenium Tower the 2nd time, apart from the initial money ( around 150 mil ), you will get 350 mil more.

  2. There are two versions of the Final Millenium Tower. The first version unlocks after beating the main story. The True Final Millenium Tower unlocks after beating the Final Millenium Tower. This site doesn’t have a guide for the True Final Millenium tower, but you’ll be facing the same enemies and bosses at level 99. Plus the final boss can summon copies of the other tower bosses.

  3. Nope wrong. To unlock the true dungeon I think you need to be level 99. I watched a streamer who beat the game and never unlocked the true millinuim tower.