Yakuza: Like a Dragon - How to Get Eggs

Guide on eggs in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are an overview, quests, and types of eggs.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - How to Get Eggs

How to Get Eggs

Please note that information here is taken from Japanese sources. We will update this page when the English version of the game comes out.

Interact with Kokekokko

Talk to the chicken NPC in Chinatown No. 1 Holdings to receive the eggs required for the sub quest. Since some of the sub quests require many pieces you need to stockpile on those before taking them.

List of quests that require eggs

Egg quest 1 Eggs x3
Egg quest 2 High quality eggs x2
Egg quest 3 Golden egg x1

Types of eggs

Egg Recovers 150 HP and 50 MP
High Quality Egg Recovers 300 HP and 100 MP
Golden Egg Recovers 1000 HP and 500 MP

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  1. Oh my god. Are you talking about ICHIBAN HOLDINGS? “Chinatown No. 1 Holdings” is nothing. This is an English article showong an English version of the game so why would you choose to use the Japanese translation of only one of the hundreds of words here? This couldn’t have been written in a more confusing way. Talk about a wild goose chase…
    You said “Talk to the chicken NPC in Chinatown No. 1 Holdings” and that makes it sound like I’m looking for a location that doesn’t exist where I’ll find some kind of chicken mascot like the “Manugget Messiah” Sujimon. You couldn’t just say “Go to Ichiban Holdings and interact with Omlette?” You know, precision with words such that anybody would understand?

  2. Where and what is “Chinatown No. 1 Holdings”!? I’ve been playing this game for 139 hours and 44 minutes and I’ve never heard of this. The Locations List doesn’t even have that location listed. You couldn’t give any more information except for the name of an unofficial location? You couldn’t even say which city it’s in or show an image of the building, or better yet, the map? This isn’t helpful at all. I even searched Google and there’s literally NO indication that a location called “Chinatown No. 1 Holdings” exists in this game.

  3. I started spamming the chicken much later ingame, so my first 3 eggs from that spam run were all golden. Been having issue, getting normal eggs

  4. The chicken from the company give you eggs. The drop rate for golden eggs is very small chance, but it’s still drop. I have a got one from her.

    • You can also just save before the 21st interaction. If you don’t get the egg you need for the egg delivery quests, just quit to menu and continue that save.

    • Just keep talking to the damn bird. There’s a chance it’ll drop quality and gold egg. Spamming the talk button for a quality egg now lol XDDD