Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Chapter 15: To the Pinnacle Main Story Walkthrough

A complete main story walkthrough for Chapter 15: To the Pinnacle in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are all chapter objectives, obtainable collectibles, equipment and items, enemies, boss strategies, important locations, characters, and available sub stories and mini games.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Chapter 15: To the Pinnacle Walkthrough

Chapter 15: To the Pinnacle


Enemies Omni Alliance members
Bosses Tendo, Ryo Aoki, Masato Arakawa

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Obtainable Items

Name Location
Cold Medicine
Strong Ferroalloy
Mental Upper
Attack Upper
Gold Stag Beetle
Hand Grenade
Between Excitement and Passion
Alcohol Gas Bomb
Golden Pray Mantis
High Quality Leather
How to Train Your Mentality to Not Fold
Dazzling Aluminum
High Quality Lumber
Sobering Turmeric Pill
Heal Upper
Gold Bar
Kiwami Drink
Complete Recovery Medicine
High Quality Heavy Metal
Street Dandy
Gold Spider
Tactical Helmet
Lightning Charm
Illegal Boots
Cyber Armor
Cyber Helmet
Cyber Boots
Expert Gloves
Roman Boots, Roman Helmet, and Roman Armor
Gokudo Training Cast
Wakeful Misanga Bracelet

Chapter 15: To the Pinnacle Walkthrough

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Head to sub-angel in Champion Street.
3 Go to New Serena.
4 Proceed to Millenium Tower in Kamurocho. Approach the tower and choose “OK.”
5 Defeat the Tokyo Omi Alliance members.
6 Use the lift and then go upstairs until you reach floor 1.
7 Defeat more Tokyo Omi Alliance members and mysterious men.
8 Use the lift again to reach floor 2.
9 Defeat the enemy and then look for a rest stop facing the emergency stairs.
10 Take the emergency stairs to reach floor 3.
11 Like before, defeat the enemy and then look for a rest stop facing the emergency stairs.
12 Go upstairs to reach floor 4.
13 Defeat the enemy again.
14 Examine the lift and choose “Proceed.”
15 Defeat Tendo.
16 Defeat Tokyo Governor Aoki and the Tokyo Omi Alliance members.
17 Defeat Masato Arakawa.

Chapter 15: To the Pinnacle Strategies

Infiltrate the Millenium Tower

The party must be at least level 49 to take on this mission. Go to the following: “Angel” and “New Serena” to progress through the story. Before heading inside the Millenium Tower, you’ll want to have many recovery items to prepare against the waves of battles. Stock up on multiple Tauriner and Staminan.

Take out the Tokyo Omi Alliance members

Use ranged attacks to put damage across the board. After overcoming each ordeal, search the ground for items before climbing the stairs.

Use Extreme attacks

Defeat enemies with ease using extreme attacks. Rest stops can be accessed on certain floors. Don’t forget to use them in between battles.

Examine the lift

Go around to the back of floor 4 to find the floor leading to the boss Tendo. Arrange your party and ensure that everyone is in shape with health and gear. When you’re ready, interact with the panel and choose “Proceed.”

Showdown against Tendo

Your party must be at least level 52 for this fight. Have thunder type attacks at your disposal to have an easier time against the boss. Tendo is a powerful opponent who carries many different attacks. The fight will test your mettle.

Below is a list of attacks that Tendo can make use of:

Health Attack
Starting HP up to 1/2 Dragon’s notice
1/2 God’s notice
1/2 Devil’s notice

The moment you find Tendo going for “Notice of…” his insta-kill, have Kasuga use “Brave Obsession” to counter it. Tendo becomes stronger when you progress through the fight.

Use Satellite Laser Extreme

The best extreme attack to use against Tendo is Satellite Laser Extreme. The damage takes away 1000 points of his health at the cost of large MP. Use consumables to refill your MP right away.

Mind your team’s health

When Tendo’s health is less than half, he’ll have access to “Devil’s Notice.” When you find him going for it, use Just Guard to sustain the attack and then have the team’s support follow up with “Magical Concert” to recover the party’s HP.

Yosuke Tendo Boss Guide

Defeat Aoki

Use Satellite Laser Extreme to wipe out the surrounding minions. Poundmates is also useful to gain the upper hand. When the enemies go down, Aoki will call for back up. Take out the enemies

Defeat Masato Arakawa

Unlike the previous fights, you’ll have to win against Arakawa with Kasuga. Poundmates and Tag Team skills work best for this match.

Chapter 15: To the Pinnacle Substories

Here are the substories unlocked in this chapter:

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Clear Sub Story 14

Substory 14: Something Worth Protecting

Clear Sub Story 45

Substory 45: One Hell of a Racer

Clear Sub Story 46

Substory 46: The World is my Racetrack

Clear Sub Story 47

Substory 47: Girl of my Dreams

Clear Sub Story 48

Substory 48: Shared Vision

Clear Sub Story 49

Substory 49: Certified Lover

Clear Sub Story 50

Substory 50: Pillow Chat

Clear Sub Story 51

Substory 51: The Real Me

Clear Sub Story 52

Substory 52: The Lone Surivor

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