Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Chapter 7: The Spider’s Web Main Story Walkthrough

A complete main story walkthrough for Chapter 7: The Spider’s Web in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are all chapter objectives, obtainable collectibles, equipment and items, enemies, boss strategies, important locations, characters, and available sub stories and mini games.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Chapter 7: The Spider’s Web Walkthrough

Chapter 7: The Spider’s Web

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Chapter 7: The Spider’s Web Walkthrough


Area Ijincho, Yokohama
Enemies Combatants, Hideout members
Bosses Joon-gi Han

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Obtainable Items

Name Location
Healthy Mushroom
Staminan X
Throwing Knife
Make-up Pouch
Healthy Fruit
Toughness Z, Hand Grenade, Metal Shin Guard
Guardian Water
Healthy Mushroom, Sapphire, Hand Grenade
Super Hot Hotdog, High-Grade Kimchi
Super Hot Hotdog, Toughness Z
First Aid Kit
Steel Hammer
Muscle Soda
Pirate’s Hat, Protector, Tauriner+
Bulletproof Shield

Chapter 7: The Spider’s Web Walkthrough

1 Go to the Geomijul Hideout in Hyakukei-dori.
2 Search for the mysterious lady.
3 Approach the lady and say ready.
4 Win fights against the Combatants.
5 Head up the stairs and then defeat more enemies.
6 After reaching the spot with a barricade, go around and then cross the wire to get to the other building.
7 Search the 6 members using active search.
8 Defeat the 6 members.
9 After getting past the barricade, defeat the waiting enemy.
10 Head up the stairs.
11 Check the door and then pick “made” to go inside.
12 Defeat Joon-Ki Han.
13 Take out more combatants.
14 Go back to the homeless city to unlock clues and then travel to Heianro in Chinatown.

Chapter 7: The Spider’s Web Strategies

Getting Ready

Go to Geomijul’s hideout in Hyakukei. When you reach the designated area, a cutscene will ensue. Speak to the lady again to gain access to the hideout.

Head to the Hideout

There’s no turning back once you enter the hideout. After going inside, you’ll trigger a series of battles. Many of the fights can be tough so be sure to stock up on recovery items before heading in.

Moving through the Labyrinth

Navigate through the barricades to make your way through the routes past the hideout. If you get stuck on your way, you have to take the stairs and head past the spot near a green traffic cone. Take the electric wire to reach the building on the other end.

Locate the 6 Members

After taking the electric wire path, head out to the plaza to unlock Active Search Mode. Use the R2 stick to navigate, R2 button to zoom, and then press the Circle button when the scan shows “examine.” Below is a list of spots that you need to go over to find the hiding members.

1 Close to the wall (northwest)
2 Window (northeast)
3 Window (northeast)
4 Search the wire (northeast)
5 Beside the flaming drum (southeast)
6 Search behind the railing

Defeat Joon-gi Han

The party must be at least level 20 for this fight. After stumbling on the deepest spot of the hideout, pick “made” to gain access to it. Saeko plays a vital role in keeping the party healthy for this fight. Have Saeko buff her own defense to withstand attacks. When an ally gets a status condition, use a consumable to wipe it off. You can also opt to buff Kasuga and Adachi’s attacks using “Hustle Smile.” Keep the pair’s health intact using recovery items and then unleash powerful extreme attacks to bring his health down.

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Chapter 7: The Spider’s Web Substories

Here are the substories unlocked in this chapter:

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Clear Sub Story 20

Substory 20: Tables for One

Clear Sub Story 21

Substory 21: Dumpster of Demise

Clear Sub Story 22

Substory 22: An Act of Kindness

Clear Sub Story 24

Substory 24: Fifty Shades of Play

Clear Sub Story 25

Substory 25: A Fading Star

Clear Sub Story 27

Substory 27: The Miracle of Spice

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