Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Chapter 9: House of Cards Main Story Walkthrough

A complete main story walkthrough for Chapter 9: House of Cards in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are all chapter objectives, obtainable collectibles, equipment and items, enemies, boss strategies, important locations, characters, and available sub stories and mini games.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Chapter 9: House of Cards Walkthrough

Chapter 9: House of Cards


Enemies Omni Alliance Members
Bosses Totsukawawa, Bleach Japan Branch Manager, Giant Heavy Equipment, Ishioda, Namba

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Chapter 9: House of Cards Walkthrough

1 Walk around town and take the phone call from Hamako.
2 Go to Hamako’s shop.
3 Defeat Totsukawawa.
4 Go to Geomijul.
5 Defeat Bleach Japan Branch Manager.
6 Defeat Omi Alliance Members.
7 Take out the Giant Heavy Equipment and Ishioda.
8 Proceed to “Omoni’s oath” and then look for Joon-Ki Han.
9 Talk to Adachi and pick “Done.”
10 Defeat Namba and Ishioda.

Chapter 9: House of Cards Strategies

Complete substories before going to Hamako’s Shop

There’s no turning back once you accept the battle against Totsukawa. If you have any pending substories, focus on completing them first.

Go to Hamako’s Shop

After finishing all your substories, head to the shop to commence a battle against Totsukawawa and his gang. Thin out the minions until you wipe them out and then focus on Totsukawawa. The fight shouldn’t take long.

Defeat Bleach Japan

Head to Geomijul to trigger a cutscene near the bridge. You’ll be pit against Bleach Japan which consists of a fight against many minions and the branch manager. Focus on throwing projectiles to whittle the enemies.

Defeat Omi Alliance

You should be at least level 23 to take them on relatively smoothly. In addition, ensure that you more survivability by stocking up on healing items and proper gear. After the previous fight, walk up to the crowd and investigate. Although you can stick to your old roster, the fight becomes much easier if you have Eri fight by your side. The minions don’t give much trouble however, make sure to heal the party before taking out the last enemy to prepare for the approaching boss.

Defeat Giant Heavy Equipment and Ishioda

The robot is a formidable opponent and has heavy physical attacks at its disposal. Assign one ally to serve as an idol and have her focus on supporting the others. After bring the boss’ health down to one third, you’ll be facing Ishioda next. Use extreme attacks to whittle down Ishioda’s health. When his health goes down to one fourth, focus once again on the robot and unleash a general attack to bring him down for good.

Go to Omoni’s Oath

Go to Omoni’s Oath and speak to Omoni. Find Joon-Ki Han in one of the aisles at the back of the shop to trigger a cutscene. Prepare for another boss fight.

Defeat Ishioda and Namba

The party should be at least level 24 to take them on. Focus on the pair of Bleach Japan goons until you’re left with the bosses. Concentrate on Namba and use stun to weaken him. Follow up with a water element attack like “Sparkling Cannon.” Have “Brave Command” to strengthen your partty and then combine powerful attacks to get rid of them.

Nanba and Ishioda Boss Guide

Chapter 9: House of Cards Substories

Here are the substories unlocked in this chapter:

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Clear Sub Story 23

Substory 23: Warmest of Wishes

Clear Sub Story 26

Substory 26: The Masked Murderer

Clear Sub Story 28

Substory 28: Tour Guide Turmoil

Clear Sub Story 29

Substory 29: The Michio Minefield

Clear Sub Story 30

Substory 30: Fauxno Michio

Clear Sub Story 31

Substory 31: Like Father, Like Son

Clear Sub Story 32

Substory 32: Forget Me Not

Clear Sub Story 34

Substory 34: Bros Till the End

Clear Sub Story 35

Substory 35: Preparing to Suck

Clear Sub Story 36

Substory 36: Whispers of the Underworld

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