Yakuza: Like a Dragon - How to find Infested Vagabond

Guide on how to find the Infested Vagabond in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Included are an overview, locations, tips, and strategies.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Infested Vagabond Guide

Infested Vagabond

The infested vagabond is a rare type of enemy that appears at the homeless settlement. After the player defeats an infested vagabond, the members will receive at least 70,000 experience points. However, the enemy only takes 1 damage. Battling infested vagabonds is a useful way to train your party from the middle phase up to the end game.

Where to find them

The infested vagabond spawns in the middle of the map connecting the paths that take you to the lower left and the upper right. The enemy inhabits the second floor basement floor of Yokohama Underground Dungeon.

It comes in fixed encounters which make it suitable for earning experience points efficiently.

Fast Leveling Guide

Tips on how to defeat the infested vagabond

Use multiple hitting attacks

Joon-Gi Han’s Rapid Shot and Divine Shot cause several ticks for each time he uses the skill making him a valuable member of the party when driving away the infested vagabond.

Use critical hits

Besides Joon-Gi, Eri Kamataki can contribute to taking out these enemies efficiently. She learns Lucky Punch, an attack that has the chance to knock out the enemy in a single blow.

How to track down the enemy efficiently

Reach Chapter 7

Yokohama Underground Dungeon can be accessed after completing chapters 1 to 6.

Chapter 7: The Spider’s Web

Focus on the infested vagabond

The Infested Vagabond is a clever enemy that can sometimes flee. If you decide to train here, ignore the other enemies and focus on taking out the infested vagabond.

Leave and return to the area

After getting rid of the infested vagabond, exit through B3 and then go back to B2. You’ll be able to encounter the enemy once again.

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