Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Fast Leveling Guide

A guide on how to level up fast in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are the best methods to farm experience fast, quick leveling tips and strategies, best meal combos for leveling, best equipment for leveling, and best areas to farm in the early, middle, and late game stages.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Fast Leveling Guide

Fast Leveling Guide

Below are the best ways to quickly earn EXP for leveling-up in the game, including recommended areas to grind levels during the early, middle, late, and post-game stages.

Farm EXP near spots that allow you to recover HP and MP.

You can level up characters faster by farming areas that are close to shops and other facilities that allow you to restore HP and MP.

Defeat Infested Vagabond.

A rare enemy called Infested Vagabond yields a large amount of EXP when defeated in battle. He is quite challenging to beat as he only takes 1 damage per hit. It is recommended to use multi-hit attacks as much as possible to defeat him.

Where to Find the Infested Vagabond

Boost EXP gained by eating meal combos.

By eating certain meal combinations, the EXP you earn in battle increases, allowing you to level up fast. Head to Yoronotaki store at Isezaki Road to get food that grant you the effect.

Meal Combos

Below is a list of recommended meal combos for leveling fast. These can be bought at Yoronotaki in Isezaki Road.

  • Sashimi Platter (5 kinds) + Edamame + Draft beer (medium jug)
  • Hand-picked Vinegar Mackerel + Skewer Platter + Bakuhai (beer & whiskey)
  • Stir-fried Bean Sprouts + Salted Yakisoba (with Sichuan Chili Iil) + Gyokuro Green Tea Shochu

Best Equipment for Leveling

Wearing certain types of equipment will also increase the amount of EXP earned in battle.

Name How to Obtain
Gokudo Training Cast Given by Saejima.
Normal Heart Tenugui Obtained in Substory 11 – Certified Underdogs .

Early Game Leveling

Korean Town

The Korean Town is a good spot to farm enemies for EXP since it is conveniently located near Snack Town and Joban Street area, allowing you to stop and heal quickly if you need to.

You can fight the Bat Men that regularly appear at the Korean Town park to accumulate a good amount of EXP in a short period.

Mid to Late Game Leveling

Sotenbori Arena and Kamurocho Sewer (Dungeon)

After clearing Chapter 12, the Sotenbori Arena will be accessible and lets you fight strong enemies to quickly earn EXP for fast leveling. Another good area to level up fast is at the Kamurocho Sewer (Dungeon) where Infested Vagabond can be found.

Post-Game Leveling

Final Millennium Tower

After clearing the main story, it is recommended to farm EXP at the Final Millennium. Note that it is recommended to be at least Lv.75 before attempting this as the tower features very powerful enemies and bosses. Earn enough levels first from the Sotenbori Arena or by hunting Infested Vagabond in Kamurocho Sewer (Dungeon) before taking on the Final Millennium Tower.

Final Millennium Tower Guide

Note that the Final Millennium Tower is also the best place to farm money during the post-game stages. Defeating the first boss of the tower (Lv.70 Thought Body Saejima) easily earns you about 5,000,000 Yen. You can then simply exit the tower afterwards and defeat the boss again to farm cash.

Money Farming Guide

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  1. North of the Sotenbori Battle Arena is a restaurant called Kushikatsu Daruma that has 3 food combos that boost your experience gained by 1.2x. Eat there before going to the arena to get more experience from up to 3 battles. Battling enemies on the street counts towards the 3 battles, so equip one of your backup party members with the Hariti’s Amulet accessory to avoid triggering them.

  2. You can also try and beat the Invested Vagabond after unlocking the first dungeon. Kinda like the metal slime from DQ in that you do 1 damage each strike and its prone to flee.