Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Musician Job Guide

Overview and guide for the Musician job in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4, including a best characters, best weapon, best skills, status resistance, and etc.

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Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Musician Guide

Musician Guide

The Musician is a job class exclusive to male characters. The job enables the character to fight using guitar weapons. It also allows the use of music to boost allies and reduce fighting spirit of enemies.

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Musician Job Overview

Job Requirement Kasuga (Level 15), Nanba (Level 1), Adachi (Level 20), Han (Level 20), and Zhao (Level 1)
Unlocking Condition Kasuga (Kindness Level 5), Nanba (None), Adachi (Bond Level 3), Han (Bond Level 4), and Zhao (None)
Recommended Characters Male Characters only

Best Jobs for each Character

Musician Job Status Resistance

Status Resistance
Blunt 10%
Blade 10%
Bullet 10%
Fire 0%
Ice 0%
Electric 0%

Musician Job Stat Bonuses

Job Rank Stat Boost
Rank 5 MP +10
Rank 8 Dexterity +5
Rank 14 MP +10
Rank 20 Dexterity +5
Rank 26 MP +10
Rank 30 Dexterity +10
Rank 35 MP +10
Rank 40 Dexterity +5
Rank 45 MP +10
Rank 50 Dexterity +5
Rank 55 MP +10
Rank 60 Dexterity +5
Rank 65 MP +10
Rank 70 Dexterity +5
Rank 75 MP +10
Rank 80 Dexterity +10
Rank 85 MP +10
Rank 90 Dexterity +10
Rank 95 MP +10
Rank 99 Dexterity +10

Musician Best Weapon

Weapon Attack Magic Recovery Special Effects
The Symphonic 196 116 195 Guitar song buff allies and debuff enemies. Fire bonus attribute.

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Musician Best Skills

Job Skill Job Rank Skill Type MP Skill Description
Endless Desire Rank 4 Character Skill 15 MP Play a song that speaks of how precious- and perhaps absurd – it is to live and love. Gradually recovers all allies’ HP and may raise your voltage.
Be My Shelter Rank 16 Character Skill 10 MP Absorb an enemy’s MP with a song that makes them want to support you. May raise your voltage.

Musician Job Skills

Job Skill Job Rank Skill Type MP Skill Description
Guitar Crush Rank 1 Job Skill 10 MP Damage an enemy by slamming a guitar on them with great force. The higher your voltage, the higher the damage.
Album Drop Rank 1 Job Skill 21 MP Damage an enemy by physically releasing a CD. The more musicians there are in the party, the higher the damage.
We Are the Globe Rank 2 Job Skill 20 MP Lower the Attack of all enemies by playing a song that fosters world peace. May raise your voltage.
Scar Me Rank 6 Job Skill 50 MP Damage a single enemy as well as any enemies around them with an intensely shocking song. May raise your voltage.
Relax Rank 10 Job Skill 23 MP Lower the Defense of all enemies by playing a song that puts the mind at ease. May raise your voltage.
Those Who Protect Rank 12 Job Skill 25 MP Raise the Defense of all allies by playing song about the importance of protecting others. May raise your voltage.
Your Wackiest Dreams Rank 18 Job Skill 21 MP Play a dreamy song that may leave all enemies asleep. May raise your voltage.
Feel the Crowd Rank 22 Job Skill 35 MP Until your next turn, any close range attacks from enemies will be met with a counterattack. Your voltage will be raised each time your counterattack.
Essence of Surprise Concert Rank 24 Job Skill 85 MP A powerful skill that damages all enemies. The higher your voltage, the higher the damage. Your voltage drops to 0 after this skill is used.
Encore Rank 28 Job Skill 30 MP Focus your emotion to greatly increase the strength of your skills. Those with ♪ a next to them will be even stronger for the next three turn.

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