Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Mahjong Mini Game Guide

A guide on the Mahjong mini game in Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5 and PS4. Included are the mini-game's basic mechanics, controls, tips and strategies to win, and rewards

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Mahjong Mini-game Guide

Mahjong Mini-game Guide

Where to play Mahjong

Mahjong can be played in Sakurakoji in Koreatown in Isezaki. Approach the customer seated on the table and pay the fee of 12,500 yen to get started.

Game Rules

The winner is decided based on who draws a winning hand consisting of 14 tiles.

Basic Controls

Button Action
Select tiles or switch
Select tiles or switch
Toggle show or hide commands
How to play
Confirm discarded tiles
Suspend selection

Game Tips

Match 3 to 4 tiles

When the game starts, focus on collecting matching tiles.

Useful combinations

Yaku is a combination of hand patterns to score a hand. Below is a list of yaku.

Yaku Details
Role (Yi Pai) Arrange white, white, medium
Wind tiles (Feng pai) East, south, west, and north
Tanyao Suit tiles consisting of those numbered 2 to 8. One of the basic combinations suitable for beginners.
Towa (Toitoi) Set 4 of the same tile and then 2 of the same tile
All at once (Ikkitsukan) 1 to 9 pieces of 1 piece in one kind
Really (Hon’itsu) Single type tile and character tile
Chin’itsu Complete the shapes with the same type of tiles

Assemble Tanyao

Tanyao is one of the easiest combinations to achieve in Mahjong.


Discard the same tile

If the opponent is about to win, you can opt to copy your opponent’s move and discard the same tile.

Discard as many tiles as possible

When you don’t have the same tile that your opponent discards, you can also opt to discard as many tiles as you can.

Keep Dora and 5 tiles

Since Dora and 5 are useful to form yaku, avoid discarding these tiles to prevent your opponent from claiming them. The Dora or bonus tile is a practical way to earn more points.

Types of claims

Yaku Details
Tsumo Win off a tile that you drew. All opponents have to pay a share.
Ron Win off an opponent’s discarded tile. You will earn the full sum from the one who discarded the tile.

Requires the following:

  • Do not claim a discarded tile.
  • One tile missing from completion
  • 1000 points
  • Have at least 4 tiles required to draw.
Form a triplet of 3 of the same tiles from the claims that your opponents have discarded
(Sequence or Chow)
Form a sequence of 3 of the same type in numerical order from the claims that your opponents have discarded
(Quad or Kan)
Form a quad with identical tiles from the claims that your opponents have discarded.

Pong and Chi

Unless you have fully understood the rules of Mahjong, avoid going for Pong and Chi.

Join the Shochu Cup

If you join all tables in Mahjong Citron, head to the counter to join the Shochu Cup and then pay the entry fee of 50,000 yen. If you win the Shochu Cup, you’ll earn at least 200,000 worth of prizes.

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    • i think they meant rich, white, medium. there are 7 character tiles: 4 wind tiles (east, south, west, north) and 3 (rich, white, medium)