Catherine: Full Body - Karma Meter Questions and Answers

A guide to the effect of answers to questions in the adventure part of Catherine: Full Body, including the choices that increase the Karma meter.

Catherine: Full Body - Karma Meter Questions and Answers

Karma Meter Questions and Answers

The Karma Meter Changes According to Answers

During the Adventure sections of the game, the Karma meter may move towards the angel or devil side, depending on the player’s choices. You will build up on the angel meter if you give generally moral answers to questions and focus on your lover Katherine. You will, however, increase the devil meter if you go with naughty or dishonest answers and prioritize cheating with Catherine.

The Karma Meter Affects the Type of Ending You Will Get

The ending that you get after finishing the game depends on the status of your Karma meter and your answers to the last question. You can check out a guide on the conditions to unlock the different endings of the game below.

Ending List and Guide

Cemetery Karma Meter Answers

Mail “Contact”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel I guess that’s what you’re interested in? Actually, I also think about it from time to time. Let’s talk about you again, okay?
Devil I’m sorry. I can’t think of anything right now. My brain is busy.

E-mail “Maybe”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel Oh, this is.. even now it’s hard to sleep.
Devil Don’t push yourself too hard. Isn’t it funny? See you.

Telephone “Katherine”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel I don’t mind. I don’t get out often.
Devil Isn’t it a bit early?
No change Let’s stop going out.

Landing “Sheep Sitting in a Chair”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel Calm down a little.
Devil Noisy. Shut up.

Declaration Room  “Requesting Lovers”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel It’s inside.
Devil It’s an appearance.

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