Catherine: Full Body - Fist of Grudge Boss Guide

Boss guide for Fist of Grudge in Catherine: Full Body, including its attacks and detailed strategies on how to defeat the boss in the game.

Catherine: Full Body - Fist of Grudge Boss Guide

How to Defeat Fist of Grudge in Catherine: Full Body

Fist of Grudge is the first boss enemy encountered in Catherine: Full Body. The boss is faced during the 2nd Night.

Catherine: Full Body - Fist of Grudge

Prison of Despair (2nd Night) Walkthrough

Fist of Grudge Attacks

  • The boss will stick her fork on the blocks that is glowing red. Then, she will skewer horizontally to hit Vincent. The attack can either knock out, stun, or kill Vincent immediately.
  • The boss will transform a random number of blocks around him into Heavy Blocks. This makes it difficult for Vincent to push or pull it. This will trigger when Vincent is higher up in the puzzle.

Fist of Grudge Strategy

  • Use the Bell when the boss transforms the blocks around Vincent into Heavy Blocks. Don’t spend time on trying to make stairs out of these blocks since the boss can easily catch up to Vincent.
  • When the blocks Vincent is standing on turns red, go away from it immediately. This indicates the blocks will be targeted by the boss.
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