Catherine: Full Body - Thomas Mutton Boss Guide

Boss guide for Thomas Mutton in Catherine: Full Body, including its attacks and detailed strategies on how to defeat the boss in the game.

Catherine: Full Body - Thomas Mutton Boss Guide

How to Defeat Thomas Mutton in Catherine: Full Body

Thomas Mutton is the eighth boss enemy encountered in Catherine: Full Body. The boss is faced during the 9th Night.

Catherine: Full Body - Thomas Mutton

The Empireo (Cat/Kat Route) The Empireo (Rin Route)

Thomas Mutton Attacks

Here is a breakdown of the boss’ attacks:

  • Thomas Mutton’s first attack is shooting his revolver three times. He will aim his gun across the blocks and destroy important blocks in the process.This is an instant death to Vincent if struck by the bullet.
  • The second attack involves the boss moving in front of the stage and stomping the front of the tower. Vincent will either get knocked out, get stunned, or die instantly when struck. This attack is not easy to dodge.
  • The third and final attack of the boss turns any special block to another type of block. This means, if the boss chooses to switch to Ice Blocks, all non-normal blocks in the tower will become Ice Block until he changes it again.

Thomas Mutton Boss Strategy

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategies against the boss:

  • When the boss is using his revolver, bait him to lock on blocks that you don’t need. If you’re playing in Easy or Normal difficulty, you can make use of UNDO after the boss destroyed a block.
  • Read Thomas Mutton’s boot attack and avoid the blocks that blocks he will target.
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