Catherine: Full Body - Babel Mode

A summary of Babel Mode's features in Catherine: Full Body, including offline and online game modes that players can access in the game.

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Catherine: Full Body - Babel Mode

Babel Mode

Babel Mode is a game mode that challenges players to climb a tower of randomly stacked stones as high up as they can.

Catherine: Full Body - Babel Mode

Single Play

Catherine: Full Body - Babel Mode

Single Play tests how far you can climb up the tower to get a high score. Since the Single Play impacts your online ranking as well, try to aim for difficult levels.

Coop Play with Friends

Coop Play lets you challenge stacks of blocks with your friends. You will need to work as a team and support each other to reach the top of the tower.

Addition of Online Multiplayer

Catherine: Full Body now lets players engage in online Coop Play in the game’s newest version.

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