Catherine: Full Body - Online Features

A guide to Catherine: Fully Body's online game modes and features, including various match types and interesting functions when accessing multiplayer.

Catherine: Full Body - Online Features

Online Features of Catherine: Full Body

Here is breakdown of online features when playing Catherine: Full Body applicable to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Online Battle and Cooperative Play Modes

Catherine: Full Body - Online Features
Catherine: Full Body introduces various online modes. There are a lot of things to do online which are introduced in this article.

Game Modes

Catherine: Full Body’s game modes include the Colosseum Mode and Babel Mode.

Colosseum Mode

Catherine: Full Body - Online Features
Colosseum Mode pits two players against each other in a race to solve a puzzle. Victory is be declared when a player clears the stage or when a player falls into the abyss. Finish the puzzle quickly while disrupting the progress of your opponent to win the match.

Colosseum Mode Game Types

Colosseum Mode Game Type Game Type Description
Casual Matches Casual Matches pit you against random opponents online.
Ranked Matches Ranked Matches lets you battle an opponent around the same level as you.
Friendly Matches Friend Matches allows you to battle your friends.

Babel Mode

Catherine: Full Body - Online Features

Babel Mode tests how far you can climb up a stack of stones that randomly appear during the match. This mode is unlocked by progressing through the game’s main story.

Babel Mode Game Types

Babel Mode Game Type Game Type Description
Coop Matches with Friends You can play with your friends to help each other reach the top of a stack of stones. Teamwork and strategy is key to winning the match.
Single-player Match against Other Players A one-on-one match to see which player can climb the furthest.

Other Online Features

Besides online battle and co-op modes, various other online functions can be accessed in the game. There are a lot of interesting elements in Catherine: Full Body’s multiplayer experience such as other players’ records when engaging in online play or their values when interacting with others.

Strategy of Players Across Regions

These include information about player deaths and human souls.

1) Player Deaths

Catherine: Full Body - Online Features
The puzzles encountered during the main story allow you to view how other players died. The number of players who met their demise can be viewed along with the cause.

2) Human Souls

Catherine: Full Body - Online Features
A human soul will appear in an area where many players have died. This area usually requires some tricky maneuvers.

Answers in the Notice Room

These include information about player values
Catherine: Full Body - Online Features

1) Player Values

A player’s values can be viewed when engaging in multiplayer in the game. You can also check messages or answers from players in your local region.

Share Function

Sharing is possible through the Share Function in the game. In addition to various parts in the main story, online play moments can be shared with your friends. Showing your funny deaths in the game is a good way to entertain your friends and other players in your region.

Cross Save and Cross Play

Catherine: Full Body - Online Features

Catherine: Full Body accommodates transferring your data from the original version of the game. The game also supports Cross-Play between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Unfortunately, you cannot have a cross-play with Nintendo Switch users.

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