Catherine: Full Body - Block Type List

A list of block types that Vincent encounters when finishing the Nightmare Stages in Catherine: Full Body. Included are their descriptions and tendencies.

※ Block Images taken from Catherine Fandom page

Blocks in Nightmares List

There are a number of blocks that Vince must manipulate in order to scale the Nightmare towers. Each type has different properties and require different approaches.

Enemy Name Description
Catherine: Full Body - White BlockWhite Block White Blocks can be moved normally and can be stacked together.
Catherine: Full Body - Dark BlockDark Block Dark Blocks takes slower to move than White Blocks but are immune to Bomb Block damage.
Catherine: Full Body - Unmovable BlockUnmovable Block Unmovable Blocks are only movable by gravity and have a face symbol on their front.
Catherine: Full Body - Cracked BlockCracked Blocks Cracked Blocks are blocks that will crumble when stepped upon. There are two types: one that can be stepped on twice and the ones that will collapse after stepped on once.
Catherine: Full Body - Spring BlockSpring Blocks Spring Blocks are rare, but are the most useful type of block. Once stepped on, Vincent will immediately move five blocks upward.
Catherine: Full Body - Ice BlockIce Blocks Ice Blocks, when stepped on, cause Vincent to slide uncontrollably until he reaches a non-Ice block, wall, or edge.
Catherine: Full Body - Trap BlockTrap Blocks Trap Blocks deploy spikes when stepped on. Enemies are also susceptible to Trap Blocks and will die if they don’t manage to get off in time.
Catherine: Full Body - Bomb BlockBomb Blocks Bomb Blocks explode after a few seconds if stepped on. When these blocks explode, they turn white blocks into cracked blocks. While in the process of detonation, blocks that will be affected by the detonation turn red.
Catherine: Full Body - Black Hole BlockBlack Hole Blocks Black Hole Blocks instantly destroy anything on top of them.
Catherine: Full Body - Monster BlockMonster Blocks Monster Blocks randomly move on their own . They can be disarmed if Vincent steps on them.
Catherine: Full Body - Mystery BlockMystery Blocks Mystery Blocks show their true form when Vincent steps on top of them. They can be Black Hole Blocks, Unmovable Blocks, or Trap Blocks.

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