Catherine: Full Body - Game Controls

Breakdown of game controls in Catherine: Fully Body's PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions. Including the commands for solving puzzles or playing the story mode.

Catherine: Full Body - Game Controls

Basic Game Controls for Catherine: Full Body

Here is a breakdown of the game controls in Catherine: Full Body

PlayStation 4 Game Controls

Input Command
PlayStation 4 - Left Stick Character Direction / Movement
PlayStation 4 - Right Stick
PlayStation 4 - Triangle Button View Image
PlayStation 4 - Square Button Skip
PlayStation 4 - Circle Button Grab Object or Phone / Decide
PlayStation 4 - × Button  Release Object or Phone / Cancel
PlayStation 4 - L1 Button Undo
PlayStation 4 - R1 Button Choose Autoplay
PlayStation 4 - L2 Button
PlayStation 4 - R2 Button
PlayStation 4 - L3 Button
PlayStation 4 - R3 Button
PlayStation 4 - Directional Button(Left) Move Left
PlayStation 4 - Directional Button (Right) Move Right
PlayStation 4 - Directional Button(Up) Move Up
PlayStation 4 - Directional Button (Down) Move Down
PlayStation 4 - Touch Pad Button
PlayStation 4 - Option Button Pause / Menu

Nintendo Switch Game Controls

Input Action
L Stick Character Direction / Movement
R Stick Adjust Camera
L and R Stick (Press)
X Button View Image
Y Button Skip
A Button Grab Object or Phone / Decide
B Button  Release Object or Phone / Cancel
L Button Undo
ZL Button
R Button Choose Autoplay
ZR Button
– (Minus) Button
+ (Plus) Button Pause / Menu

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