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A list of walkthroughs for Catherine: Full Body's Golden Theater story mode, including action puzzle guides, answers to questions, and boss strategies.

Catherine: Full Body Walkthrough Directory

Below is a list of all walkthroughs in Catherine: Full Body’s Golden Theater story mode. Click on a walkthrough to view a guide on action puzzles, boss guides, answers to questions and more.

Golden Theater Walkthrough
Underground Cemetery Prison of Despair
Torture Chamber Inquisition
Quadrangle Clock Tower
Spiral Corridor The Cathedral
The Empire

Story Synopsis

Catherine: Full Body Walkthrough List

Catherine: Full Body follows the story of an indecisive single man named Vincent. Despite already having a lover by the name of Katherine for five years, Vincent finds himself cheating on her with another girl he met who goes by the name “Catherine.”

He also meets a new neighbor, a girl named “Qatherine” (Rin) who emanates a healing presence whenever Vincent experiences nightmares at night.

Vincent is soon caught in a love square with the girls and winds up in difficult situations throughout the game.

As mentioned, Vincent regularly has nightmares when he goes to sleep at night. To escape the nightmare, he must climb to the top of a mysterious structure of blocks before time runs out.

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