Catherine: Full Body - Game Difficulty Differences

Differences of each game difficulty and mode in Catherine: Full Body, including information on the new Safety difficulty.

Catherine: Full Body - Game Difficulty Differences

Different Game Difficulties and Modes

Catherine Full Body Difficulty Features

Over 500 stages all in all!

Catherine: Full Body allows you to choose from four difficulty levels, as well as two different action modes. By selecting different options, you will be able to play more than 500 types of stages.

Features of Each Difficulty Level and Mode

Difficulty Level

Difficulty Features
Safety [Safety Nightmare]

  • Easiest puzzle difficulties
  • Traps do not activate
  • No time limit
  • No Game Over
  • Enables Auto Play / Skipping Puzzles
Easy [Simple Nightmare]

  • Easy puzzle difficulties
  • Enables Auto Play
Normal [Dangerous Nightmare]
Hard [Ultimate Nightmare]

  • UNDO is disabled


Mode Features
Standard Recommended for those new to the game. Stages are composed of simple stones.
Arrange Recommended for those who have already played the game. Stages are composed of individual stones.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Difficulty Levels

Playing on higher difficulties gets you more points

The higher the difficulty, the more points obtained when clearing a stage. You will need to practice to be able to clear each level smoothly if you are aiming for high points.

Difficulty does not affect the story or endings

The game difficulty only affects the puzzles encountered. If you are playing just to enjoy the story, you can play on the lowest difficulty.

The New “Safety” Difficulty Level

Catherine Full Body Difficulty Features

A difficulty level that anyone can clear

Safety is the new difficulty added to Catherine: Full Body. Not only are the puzzles extremely easy, you will also be able to skip action puzzles. This allows you to view the ending without any challenge at all.

Characteristics of the Safety Difficulty

Safety offers the least challenging experience in the game. Below are the elements applied when playing on Safety.

  • Skipping puzzles is enabled
  • Auto play is enabled
  • Puzzle difficulty is very low
  • Traps do not activate
  • No time limit and the lower blocks do not fall over time
  • UNDO is enabled
  • Game does not end when the UNDO count reaches 0.

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