Catherine: Full Body - The Empireo (9th Night) Walkthrough (Rin Route)


A complete storyline walkthrough of The Empireo (Rin Route) in Catherine: Full Body, including strategies, answers to questions, and obtainable items.

Catherine: Full Body - The Empireo (9th Night) Walkthrough (Rin Route)

The Empireo – 9th Night (Rin Route)

The Empireo Action Puzzle Strategy

Basic Puzzle-Solving Techniques

The Empireo Walkthrough

1 Action Puzzle (The Empireo: 1st Layer)
2 Confessional Room Question #15 (see Confessional Room Choices section)
3 Action Puzzle (The Empireo: 2nd Layer)
4 Confessional Room Question #16 (see Confessional Room Choices section)
5  Action Puzzle (The Empireo: 3rd Layer)
6 Confessional Room Question #17 (see Confessional Room Choices section)
7  Action Puzzle (The Empireo: 4th Layer)
8 Confessional Room Question #18 – “Are you ready to choose a really important partner?”
9  Action Puzzle (The Empireo: 5th Layer)
10 Conversation in the Confessional Room
11  Action Puzzle (The Empireo: Final Layer)
12 Cutscene
13 Stray Sheep
14 Proceed to the Tenth Night


There are no stray sheep interactions available on any landings.

Confessional Room Choices

The final question changes depending on the answer to the third question. The last branches of the table below correspond to the final selections.

Question: What type of person do you prefer?

Karma Meter Answers
Growth The person you like.
None Who people will envy

Question: Are you living to be honest with yourself?

Karma Meter Answers
Growth I think so.
None There could be a lot of false pretenses.

Question: Would you enter a shop you’re not familiar with?

Karma Meter Answers
Growth Yes.
None No.

Question: What is your criteria for choosing a friend?

Karma Meter Answers
None If they are popular or not.
Growth If I like them or not.

Question: What if your opinion is different from someone else’s?

Karma Meter Answers
None I’ll refuse.
Growth I’ll admit our difference.

Question: Where would you like to move to?

Karma Meter Answers
None A familiar neighborhood.
Growth An unfamiliar city.

Question: Will you hesitate to open a new door?

Karma Meter Answers
Growth I’m not lost anymore.
None Actually, I’m worried.

Question: How will you feel if you started a new life?

Karma Meter Answers
None Strong anxiety.
Growth Excited.

Question: Do you hesitate to take the plunge on new opportunities?

Karma Meter Answers
Growth Not anymore.
None Yeah, I get really scared.

Ending Choices

Question: Can you do anything for your love?

Karma Meter Answers
A Well…

Question: Are you ready to welcome a really important person in your life?

Last Branch Answers
Is there?
A Actually…

Ending Result

Last Branch Answers
A Rin’s Departure Ending (Until the Day We Meet)

Thomas Mutton Boss Strategies

Here is a breakdown of attacks and strategies against the boss:

Catherine: Full Body - Thomas Mutton

Thomas Mutton Boss Guide

Thomas Mutton Attacks

  • Thomas Mutton’s first attack is shooting his revolver three times. He will aim his gun across the blocks and destroy important blocks in the process.This is an instant death to Vincent if struck by the bullet.
  • The second attack involves the boss moving in front of the stage and stomping the front of the tower. Vincent will either get knocked out, get stunned, or die instantly when struck. This attack is not easy to dodge.
  • The third and final attack of the boss turns any special block to another type of block. This means, if the boss chooses to switch to Ice Blocks, all non-normal blocks in the tower will become Ice Block until he changes it again.

Thomas Mutton Strategy

  • When the boss is using his revolver, bait him to lock on blocks that you don’t need. If you’re playing in Easy or Normal difficulty, you can make use of UNDO after the boss destroyed a block.
  • Read Thomas Mutton’s boot attack and avoid the blocks that blocks he will target.

Dumuzid Boss Strategies

Here is a breakdown of attacks and strategies against the boss:

Catherine: Full Body - Dumuzid

Dumuzid Boss Guide

Dumuzid Attacks

  • Dumuzid’s first attack is shooting a laser whenever Vincent is lagging behind the tower. The lazer will destroy all blocks marked in red. This targets a large portion of the tower’s lower parts.
  • The second attack makes eye of the boss glow purple. This indicates that Vincent will be cursed and the special blocks around him will keep changing whenever he pulls a block. The pattern shifts between Normal Blocks, Heavy Blocks, Cracked Blocks, and Trap Blocks. The curse is active for about 5 seconds.
  • The third and final of Dumuzid will come out after the passing by the second checkpoint. Meteors will come crashing down across the puzzle tower. The blocks that will be hit will be marked by red and it will result to another instant kill for Vincent. Also, blocks that are hit will turn into Cracked Blocks.

Dumuzid Strategy

  • Always keep moving and don’t get Vincent at the bottom of the tower. This will trigger Dumuzid to cast his beam eradicating you quickly or making it hard to recover in in climbing up.
  • Take advantage of Dumuzid’s curse. Some blocks may change to Spring Blocks that can help you climb quickly. In addition, if you defeat a Monster Block or Trap Block, it will no longer be change by the curse.

Stray Sheep Bar Choice List

*Take note that during the story, Vincent’s lover is Katherine (with a “K”) and the girl that he has an affair with is Catherine (with a “C.”)

The Karma meter changes depending on the choices you make throughout the game. The status of the Karma meter heavily affects the ending you will get after clearing the story.

Ending Conditions List

Rin Text: My dearest Vincent

Karma Meter Answers
No change Of course, we can be together.
I won’t let anyone get in our way.
You can believe in me, Rin.
Let’s save the world while we’re at it / Love is the strongest force of all!
Let’s take another picture after this. / Let’s shoot a video of us after this is all over.

Katherine Text: A new opportunity, I guess?

Karma Meter Answers
No change That’s amazing…!  / Congratulations
I accept your challenge. / I respect you for that.

Catherine Text: No way

Karma Meter Answers
No change I-I’m sorry… / I’ll take you on anything.
Please forgive me. / I won’t lose next time either.
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