Catherine: Full Body - Characters

A list of main characters from Catherine: Full Body. Included on this page are their backround information and their voice actor/actress.

Catherine: Full Body - Characters

Character List

We list down the game characters appearing in Catherine: Full Body. Also included are their story backgrounds and voice actor or actress.

Catherine: Full Body - Characters

Character Background Voice Actor / Actress
Catherine Full Body - Vincent BrooksVincent Brooks
Laid-back & Carefree Protagonist and Computer Programmer

Vincent “Vince” Brooks is a home-based computer programmer and coder for a technology company. He has a girlfriend of five years named Katherine McBride. However, he still falls into an affair with Catherine.

VA (JP): Kōichi Yamadera
VA (EN): Troy Baker
Catherine Full Body - CatherineCatherine
Vincent’s Affair and Underworld Succubus

A beautiful girl Vincent meets in the Stray Sheep Bar. Introduces herself as a video game developer but she’s actually a demonic succubus from the underworld.

VA (JP): Miyuki Sawashiro
Full Body DLC VA (JP):
Mamiko Noto
Ami Koshimizu
Aoi Yūki
Yui Horie
Kana Asumi
Haruka Tomatsu
Megumi Toyoguchi
Rie Kugimiya
Rina Satō
Nana Mizuki
Kana Hanazawa
Ayana Taketatsu
Marina Inoue
VA (EN): Laura Bailey
Catherine Full Body - Rin / QatherineRin (Qatherine)
Vincent’s Neighbor and Stray Sheep Bar Pianist

The newest character in Catherine: Full Body. She is Vincent’s new neighbor and currently suffers from amnesia.

VA (JP): Aya Hirano
VA (EN): Brianna Knickerbocker
Catherine Full Body - Katherine McBrideKatherine McBride
Vincent’s Loyal Girlfriend and Clothing Company Manager

Vincent Brooks’ girlfriend of five years. She currently works as an office manager for a clothing company named Bantam Suits.

VA (JP): Kotono Mitsuishi
VA (EN): Michelle Ruff
Catherine Full Body - Jonny ArigaJonny Ariga
Vincent’s High School Friend and Car Dealer

Jonathan “Jonny” Ariga has been a friend of Vincent since high school. He works at his father’s Used Car Restoration and Dealership together with Toby

VA (JP): Takehito Koyasu
VA (EN): Travis Willingham
Catherine Full Body - Orlando HaddickOrlando Haddick
Vincent’s High School Friend and Co-Worker

Orlando is another childhood friend Vincent has had since high school. He’s Vince’s co-worker at their technology firm and shares a laid-back and carefree lifestyle similar to Vincent.

VA (JP): Hiroaki Hirata
VA (EN): Liam O’Brien
Catherine Full Body - Erica AndersonErica Anderson
Vincent’s High School Friend and Stray Sheep Bar Waitress

Also, Vincent’s childhood friend whose birth name was Eric. Underwent gender reassignment surgery and became a waitress for the Stray Sheep Bar.

VA (JP): Junko Minagawa
VA (EN): Erin Fitzgerald
Catherine Full Body - Toby NebbinsToby Nebbins
Vincent’s Newest Friend and Jonny’s Co-Worker

Tobias “Toby” Nebbins is the newest friend of Vincent’s group. He’s Jonny’s co-worker and decided to tag along with him at the Stray Sheep Bar to make new friends.

VA (JP): Kishō Taniyama
VA (EN): Yuri Lowenthal
Catherine Full Body - Boss / MasterBoss
Stray Sheep Bar Owner & Proprietor and Consort to Ishtar

Also known as Thomas “Chop” Mutton and Dumuzid. He is both the owner and proprietor of the Stray Sheep Bar. Everyone at the bar refers to him as “Boss.” He is a gentleman and likes to help his customers get to know each other, even if they are total strangers.

VA (JP): Norio Wakamoto
VA (EN): Kirk Thornton
Catherine Full Body - Trisha / Rue IshidaTrisha (Rue Ishida)
Story Presenter and Golden Playhouse Hostess

The hostess of the Golden Playhouse and the presenter of Vincent Brooks story to players in the game. She’s actually a Goddess of Fertility named Ishtar who is looking for another partner, which ends up being you, the “player.”

VA (JP): Junko Minagawa
VA (EN): Erin Fitzgerald

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