Catherine: Full Body - Dumuzid Boss Guide

Boss guide for Dumuzid in Catherine: Full Body, including its attacks and detailed strategies on how to defeat the boss in the game.

Catherine: Full Body - Dumuzid Boss Guide

How to Defeat Dumuzid in Catherine: Full Body

Dumuzid is the ninth boss enemy encountered in Catherine: Full Body. The boss is faced during the 9th Night.

Catherine: Full Body - Dumuzid

The Empireo (Cat/Kat Route) The Empireo (Rin Route)

Dumuzid Attacks

Here is a breakdown of the boss’ attacks:

  • Dumuzid’s first attack is shooting a laser whenever Vincent is lagging behind the tower. The lazer will destroy all blocks marked in red. This targets a large portion of the tower’s lower parts.
  • The second attack makes eye of the boss glow purple. This indicates that Vincent will be cursed and the special blocks around him will keep changing whenever he pulls a block. The pattern shifts between Normal Blocks, Heavy Blocks, Cracked Blocks, and Trap Blocks. The curse is active for about 5 seconds.
  • The third and final of Dumuzid will come out after the passing by the second checkpoint. Meteors will come crashing down across the puzzle tower. The blocks that will be hit will be marked by red and it will result to another instant kill for Vincent. Also, blocks that are hit will turn into Cracked Blocks.

Dumuzid Boss Strategy

Here is a breakdown of the battle strategies against the boss:

  • Always keep moving and don’t get Vincent at the bottom of the tower. This will trigger Dumuzid to cast his beam eradicating you quickly or making it hard to recover in in climbing up.
  • Take advantage of Dumuzid’s curse. Some blocks may change to Spring Blocks that can help you climb quickly. In addition, if you defeat a Monster Block or Trap Block, it will no longer be change by the curse.
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