Catherine: Full Body - Katherine McBride Character Information

Character information for Katherine McBride, a female character of Catherine: Full Body. Included on this page is her background and role in the game.

Catherine: Full Body - Katherine McBride Character Information

Katherine McBride Character Information

Katherine McBride (also called K) is Vincent Brooks’ girlfriend of five years.

Catherine: Full Body - Katherine McBride

She currently works as an office manager for a clothing company named Bantam Suits. Even though she’s driven by her work, she still visits Vince to check on him. She has been thinking of settling down with Vince and wants him to fully commit to her. However, Vince doesn’t want to and so she is slowly getting annoyed by him. Katherine “K” McBride is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi (JP) and Michelle Ruff (EN)

Katherine McBride in Catherine (2011)

Following their arguments about marriage, Katherine brings up that she is probably pregnant with Vincent’s child. Vincent reacts with denial and passive-aggressively accuses her of cheating with another man. As the game progresses, both Katherine and Catherine meet for the first time in Vince’s room. A heated argument between the two women leads to an unfortunate accident, which causes Katherine to be pulled into Vincent’s nightmare world.

Katherine McBride in Catherine: Full Body

Katherine will be given a new, separate story branch in Catherine: Full Body. This includes exploring her high school life with Vincent, Orlando, and Jonny.

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