Catherine: Full Body - What to Do After Clearing the Game

A list of features unlocked after clearing Catherine: Full Body's main story, including new games modes, characters, cutscenes, and more.

What to Do After Clearing the Game

Colosseum Mode Unlocked

Colosseum Mode is unlocked upon clearing the game and lets you challenge all of the puzzles encountered in Golden Theater. This mode lets you challenge other players to see who can finish the puzzle first.

Enjoying the Game After Clearing

View the Other Endings

Catherine: Fully Body features multiple endings and it is impossible to see them all with just one playthrough. The type of ending you get changes depending on the choices you make in your playthrough, including the status of your Angel / Devil meter and your answers to the questions encountered in the game. Try to go for other endings by making different decisions.

Ending Conditions List

Playing Babel Mode’s Difficult Levels

As you gather gold prizes in Story Mode in Normal difficulty or higher, you will be able to unlock Babel Mode. As most of the levels in Babel More are extremely challenging, they provide a very fun experience, especially against other players online.

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