Catherine: Full Body - The Cathedral Walkthrough (Rin’s Route)

A walkthrough of The Cathedral (Rin's Route) in Catherine: Full Body, including obtainable items, strategies, and secrets.

Catherine Full Body The Cathedral Walkthrough

The Cathedral Action Puzzle Strategy (Rin’s Route)

Basic Puzzle-Solving Techniques for Beginners

The Cathedral Walkthrough (Rin’s Route)

1 Cutscene
2 Action Puzzle (The Cathedral)
3 Cutscene
4 Stray Sheep
5 Proceed to 9th night (The Empireo)

The Cathedral Adventure Walkthrough (Rin’s Route)

*Take note that during the story, Vincent’s lover is Katherine (with a “K”) and the one that he has an affair with is Catherine (with a “C.”)

The Karma meter changes depending on the choices you make throughout the game. The status of the Karma meter heavily affects the ending you will get after clearing the story.

Ending Conditions List

E-mail “Err…”

Karma Meter Answers
No change. Thank you.
Thank you.



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