Catherine: Full Body - Inquisition (4th Night) Walkthrough


A complete storyline walkthrough of Inquisition in Catherine: Full Body, including strategies, answers to questions, and obtainable items.

Catherine: Full Body - Inquisition (4th Night) Walkthrough

Inquisition – 4th Night

Inquisition Action Puzzle Strategy

Basic Puzzle-Solving Techniques

Inquisition Walkthrough

1 Action Puzzle (Inquisition: 1st Stage).
2 Arrive at Landings 1.
3 Learn “Cut Out” and “Cut Across” techniques from long-haired sheep (Archie).
4 Confession Room Question #5 – “Can a man and a woman just be friends?”.
5 Action Puzzle (Inquisition: Final Stage).
6 Watch the cutscene.
7 Stray Sheep Bar Exploration: Visit and talk to all available patrons and use up all coins to play the Rapunzel arcade game.
8 Proceed to fifth night (Quadrangle).

Landings 4-1

Merchant Sheep

Items for Sale Item Description
White Cube
(5000 coins)
Creates block around you.
Energy Drink
(9000 coins)
Allows you to jump two blocks into the air.

Sheep near the Signpost

Catherine: Full Body - Sheep near the Signpost

Karma Meter Answers
Angel Come on, get a hold of yourself!
Devil I get it… I get it…

Long-haired Sheep (Archie)

Choice Recommended Answer
1st Choice Join the conversation.
(Learned “Cut Out” and “Cut Across” puzzle techniques)

Landings 4-2

Sheep sitting on the bench

Choice Recommended Answer
1st Choice Let’s review.
(Learned “Wall Spider” and “Corner Spider” puzzle techniques)

Sheep with Police Hat (Morgan)

Catherine: Full Body - Sheep with Police Hat (Morgan)

Choice Recommended Answer
1st Choice I think so…

Confession Room Choices

Here are the answers for the Confession Room in this walkthrough:

Catherine: Full Body - Confession Room Choices

Confession Room Answers Karma Meter Answers

Question 5: Do you care about what other people think of you?

Karma Meter Answers
(Rin Route)
It doesn’t matter to me.
No change Of course.

The Child Boss Strategies

Here is a breakdown of attacks and strategies against the boss:

Catherine: Full Body - The Child

The Child Boss Guide

The Child Attacks

  • The boss will slap Vincent when in range. This will either knock, stun, or kill Vincent automatically.
  • When Vincent is higher up, the boss will slap the puzzle tower repeatedly. This will send out a shock wave up to one column of blocks. If Vincent gets caught by the shock wave, he will be knocked off and get killed.

The Child Strategy

  • When the boss begins its attack, the camera will zoom out. Make sure you are ready to move left or right from your current position.

Stray Sheep Bar Exploration and Dialogue Choices

*Take note that during the story, Vincent’s lover is Katherine (with a “K”) and the one that he has an affair with is Catherine (with a “C”)

The Karma meter changes depending on the choices you make throughout the game. The status of the Karma meter heavily affects the ending you will get after clearing the story.

Ending List and Guide

Catherine: Full Body - Stray Sheep Bar

Main Characters Stray Sheep Patrons

Katherine Text: “About this morning.”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to chase you away.
I wanted to protect you…
I want to talk to you, too.
I really care about you.
Goodnight, Katherine.
Devil I’m not helping my boss ever again.
It was bad luck for both of us.
I’m too tired to talk, so I’ll see you later.

Rin Text: “I had some Ice Cream.”

Karma Meter Answers
No Change Dang, that looks good.
Careful, or you’ll get an upset stomach.
Keep working hard, okay?
Dang, that looks good.
Ice cream tastes best after a few drinks
I wish they serve ice cream at the bar.
Keep working hard, okay?
This picture is too much!
Did Erica take this photo of you?
I can sense the ulterior motive for this?
I’ll talk to you later.

Catherine Text: “Hey…”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel I’m drinking with my friends.
Next time, okay? / Don’t come here to bother me. Got it?
Devil Why do you care?
Grownups have to work for a living.
Next time, okay?

Catherine Phone Call: “Huh…?”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel I don’t remember.
Devil Of course…

Katherine Text: “I…”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel Yeah, I’m sorry about that.
I need to make sure I’m ready emotionally.
Let’s get together and talk things out soon.
Devil Stop worrying so much.
I’m tired…

Conversation with Daniel (Sheep with Sunglasses): “So why do I feel powerless?”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel Forget about it.
Devil It was never a competition.

Conversation with Archie (Long-Haired Sheep): “Hey… Do I look like a good person?”

Karma Meter Answers
No change Of course.
Sorry, but no.

Conversation with Archie (Long-Haired Sheep): “So you mean you’d pull back even if the woman of your dreams hit on you?”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel Of course.
Devil I think I failed.

Conversation with Lindsay and Martha (Other Sheep): “Do you believe the rumor about the text that grants wishes?”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel Not really.
Devil Of course.
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