Catherine: Full Body - Golden Theater

A summary of Golden Theater, Catherine: Full Body's main story mode where players switch between an adventure and action puzzle gameplay.

Catherine: Full Body - Golden Theater

Golden Theater Story Mode

Golden Theater is Catherine: Full Body’s story mode where you can enjoy the game’s unique story and characters while solving challenging puzzles. The game world consists of an adventure section and an action puzzle section.

Catherine: Full Body - Golden Theater

Adventure Part

While in Adventure, the player interacts with various characters in a bar called the Stray Sheep. You can talk to and have drinks with the game’s non-playable characters here. Hanging out in the Stray Sheep also allows you to check your email on your phone, save the game, or adjust the game’s difficulty.

Difficulty Differences

Action Puzzle Part

The Action Puzzles are encountered during the player’s nightmare after going to sleep. In the nightmare, you are required to solve various block puzzles to reach the top of the dream. If you fall off the platform, the game will end.

Storyline Walkthroughs

More than 10 Types of Endings

The type of ending you get at the end of the game depends on the answers given to various questions asked in the story. The most critical period that affects the ending is the question you are asked in the 9th night. To see the different endings, just save your game at this time and change the answer to your question upon reloading.

Ending Choices

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