Catherine: Full Body - Vincent Brooks Character Information

Character information for Vincent Brooks, the main male character of Catherine: Full Body. Included on this page is his background and role in the game.

Catherine: Full Body - Vincent Brooks Character Information

Vincent Brooks Character Information

Vincent Brooks (Vince) is a 32-year-old home-based computer programmer and coder for a technology company.

Catherine: Full Body - Vincent Brooks

Vince has little ambition in life, having no major life goals though he likes this arrangement.  Despite living carefree and aimlessly, he still has his girlfriend, Katherine McBride. Katherine wants to get settled, but Vince is still apprehensive to the idea. Vince is a loyal patron of the Stray Sheep Bar and eventually meets Catherine. Vincent “Vince” Brooks is voiced by Kōichi Yamadera (JP) and Troy Baker (EN.)

Vincent Brooks in Catherine (2011)

After his one-night-stand with Catherine, Vince entertains the idea of having an affair with her. He starts to get intense nightmares where he is forced to climb towers and face different demons every night. He later discovers that the nightmares he has been experiencing were actually related to a rumor circulating his city.

Vincent Brooks in Catherine: Full Body

Vincent Brooks’ role in Catherine: Full Body doesn’t change. However, the remake explores his background back into high school. Also, it highlights moments with his girlfriend, Katherine McBride. Lastly, a new story element was added pertaining to him meeting a mysterious girl suffering from amnesia named Rin (Qatherine).

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