Catherine: Full Body - How to Unlock Rin’s (Qatherine) Route

A guide on how to unlock Rin's (Qatherine) story route in Catherine: Full Body, including conditions to trigger the alternate event.

Conditions to Unlock Rin’s Route

Catherine Full Body Unlock Rin Route

Accessing Rin’s route is only possible after the clearing the Clock Tower (sixth night.) The conditions required to trigger the alternate story depends on your answers in the Confessional Room in the Torture Chamber (third night,) Inquisition (fourth night,) Quadrangle (fifth night,) and Clock Tower (sixth night.) You’ll need to crack the meter on various questions.

Rin Route Event Options List

Selecting the option marked with ○ on the table below allows you to progress to Rin’s route. Choosing an answer other than the one indicated will result in a normal story progression.

What does Rin mean to me?

Protect her existence → What you have to protect~
It’s a free world.

Isn’t it a free world?

You’re crazy.
I don’t know yet.

Is Rin the only one I have to protect?

There are others.
I don’t know.

What do you need to live honestly?

The kindness of Rin.
The future with Rin.

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