Catherine: Full Body - Items

A list of items that can obtained or purchased while finishing nightmare stages in Catherine: Full Body. Included also are their prices and effects.

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Item List

In Catherine: Full Body, Vincent is able to buy and pick-up items while surviving his nightmares.

Catherine: Full Body - Items

These items enhances his ability to climb blocks or defeat enemies attempting to push him aside. Items are bought at the landing area of each stage.

Item Enigma Coins Item Description and Effect
Catherine Full Body - Enigma CoinsEnigma Coins Enigma Coins are the currency you obtain from finishing nightmares. They can also be found in piles while playing through the stages.
Catherine Full Body - Mystic PillowMystic Pillow 3,000 Grants Vincent extra retries in the case he dies while ascending towers. The number of retries per pillow is dependent on the difficulty level the player has chosen.

“Very Easy” and “Easy” difficulty gives you 3 retries per pillow. “Normal” difficulty gives you 2 retries per pillow. Lastly, “Hard” difficulty gives you 1 retry per pillow.

Catherine Full Body - Black BlockDark Block 3,000 Allows Vincent to place one unmovable block directly in front of him.
Catherine Full Body - White BlockWhite Block 5,000 Allows Vincent to place one regular block directly in front of him.
Catherine Full Body - BellBell 8,000 Allows Vincent to treat all special blocks on the screen as normal blocks. This is helpful when Vince is faced with a wall of unmovable blocks. Also in boss fights, that affect the blocks surrounding him.
Catherine Full Body - Energy DrinkEnergy Drink 9,000 Gives Vincent an added boost to climb over two blocks instead of just one. This special climb can be used multiple times until Vince’s glow wears off.
Catherine Full Body - Power DrinkPower Drink Gives Vincent an added boost to climb over three blocks instead of one. This special climb can be used multiple times until Vince’s glow wears off.

This item shows up randomly when you pull out blocks in “Very Easy” difficulty. Also, this can be obtained on several blocks in Nightmare Stage 6-3 on Hard mode.

Catherine Full Body - BibleBible An item obtained once per stage that will destroy enemies on-screen in the form of lighting.

Purchasable Items Per Level

Stage Name Section Purchasable Items
Torture Chamber Landing Area Bell and Bible

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