Catherine: Full Body - Enemies

A list of enemies that can encountered while finishing nightmare stages in Catherine: Full Body. Included are their descriptions and tendencies.

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Catherine: Full Body - Enemies※ Images taken from Catherine Fandom page

Enemy List

Apart from the bossesVincent also needs to manage and avoid random enemies that he encounters in the puzzles.

Catherine: Full Body - Enemies

These enemies either prevent him from climbing, make block formations, or just knock him over.

Enemy Name Enemy Description
Catherine: Full Body - White SheepWhite Sheep White Sheep enemies are passive but still block climbing and prevent block formations when Vincent wants to get higher.
Catherine: Full Body - Horned SheepHorned Sheep Same as White Sheep ,but slightly more aggressive and will knock Vince upwards if he’s in their projected path.
Catherine: Full Body - Giant SheepGiant Sheep Giant Sheep are slow enemies that prevent Vincent fromm moving upward and will try to knock him down.
Catherine: Full Body - Black SheepBlack Sheep Black Sheep are faster versions of Giant Sheep and will knock Vince quickly and easily off the stage.
Catherine: Full Body - Red SheepRed Sheep Red Sheep are faster and deadlier because they can instantly kill Vincent if he is directly adjacent to them. In addition, they can climb 2 blocks at a time.
Catherine: Full Body - AntsAnt Ants share similarities with Giant Sheep. They are agile and get in Vince’s way as he advances upward.

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