Catherine: Full Body - Enemies List

A list of enemies that can encountered while finishing the Nightmare Stages of Catherine: Full Body. Included are their descriptions and tendencies.

Catherine: Full Body - Enemies in Nightmares List

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Enemies in Nightmares List

Apart from the Nightmare BossesVincent also needs to manage and avoid random enemies that he encounters in the puzzles. These enemies either prevent him from climbing, make block formations, or just knock him over.

Enemy Name Description
Catherine: Full Body - White SheepWhite Sheep White Sheep enemies are passive but still block climbing and prevent block formations when Vincent wants to get higher.
Catherine: Full Body - Horned SheepHorned Sheep Same as White Sheep ,but slightly more aggressive and will knock Vince upwards if he’s in their projected path.
Catherine: Full Body - Giant SheepGiant Sheep Giant Sheep are slow enemies that prevent Vincent fromm moving upward and will try to knock him down.
Catherine: Full Body - Black SheepBlack Sheep Black Sheep are faster versions of Giant Sheep and will knock Vince quickly and easily off the stage.
Catherine: Full Body - Red SheepRed Sheep Red Sheep are faster and deadlier because they can instantly kill Vincent if he is directly adjacent to them. In addition, they can climb 2 blocks at a time.
Catherine: Full Body - AntsAnt Ants share similarities with Giant Sheep. They are agile and get in Vince’s way as he advances upward.

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