Catherine: Full Body - Erica Anderson Character Information

Character information for Erica Anderson, a character of Catherine: Full Body. Included on this page is her background and role in the game.

Catherine: Full Body - Erica Anderson Character Information

Erica Anderson Character Information

Erica Anderson (formerly known as Eric) is a trans waitress at the Stray Sheep Bar in Catherine: Full Body.

Catherine: Full Body - Erica Anderson

She has also been Vincent‘s friend since high school, growing up together with Jonny and Orlando. She is the main highlight of the bar due to the number of patrons visiting to see her.

Erica Anderson in Catherine (2011)

Initially, Erica is the main source of rumors circulating why men are experiencing “nightmares.” Truthfully, the rumors she came up with were just made for fun. Later on, she discovered that Catherine wasn’t an imaginary girl and that the nightmares are related to her.

Erica Anderson in Catherine: Full Body

Not much is revealed for Erica in Catherine: Full Body. Based on the initial trailer, she is seen warning Vincent not to be intimate with Rin.

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