Catherine: Full Body - The Empireo Walkthrough

A walkthrough of The Empire in Catherine: Full Body, including obtainable items, strategies, and secrets in the location.

Catherine Full Body The Empireo Walkthrough

The Empireo Action Puzzle Strategy

Basic Puzzle-Solving Techniques for Beginners

The Empireo Walkthrough

1 Action Puzzle (The Empireo: 1st Layer)
2 Confessional Room: Freedom 1st Question – “Are you ready to risk your life tor return?”
3 Action Puzzle (The Empireo: 2nd Layer)
4 Confessional Room: Freedom 2nd Question – “Do you want a peaceful everyday life?”
5  Action Puzzle (The Empireo: 3rd Layer)
6 Confessional Room: Freedom 3rd Question – “Do you like stimulating chaos?”
7  Action Puzzle (The Empireo: 4th Layer)
8 Confessional Room: Freedom Final Question – “Are you ready for the stimulus you desired for a lifetime?”
9  Action Puzzle (The Empireo: 5th Layer)
10 Conversation in the Confessional Room
11  Action Puzzle (The Empireo: Final Layer)
12 Ending cutscene

Confessional Room Choices

The final question changes depending on the answer to the third question. The last branches of the table belowcorresponds to the final selections.

Freedom 1st Question: Are you willing to risk your life tor return?

Last Branch Answers
C, D, E Of course.
A, B Not my life.

Freedom 2nd Question: Do you want a peaceful everyday life?

Last Branch Answers
C, D, E Yes
A, B No

Freedom 3rd Question: “Do you like stimulating chaos?”

Last Branch Answers
A Yes
B, C, D, E No

Final Question Options

Freedom Final Question A: “Are you prepared to have the stimulus you desired all your life?” (Devil Meter Side)

Karma Meter Answers
1 Yes
2 No.

Freedom Final Question B: “Do you want to keep looking for an answer?”

Karma Meter Answers
1 I want to keep looking.
2 That’s sad. → Continue to Question B’

Question B ‘: Which do you really want?

Karma Meter Answers
1 Peaceful everyday.
2 Stimulate chaos.

Freedom Final Question C: “Do you have any interest in stimulating chaos?”

Karma Meter Answers
1 No
2 Yes

Freedom Final Question D: “Do you have any regrets on your peaceful life?”

Karma Meter Answers
1 No
2 Yes

Freedom Final Question E: “Are you prepared to live with the peace you desire?” (Angel Meter Side)

Karma Meter Answers
1 I’m prepared.
2 Not so much.

Answer Results and Ending

A-1 Marriage with Catherine (Two people in danger)
Return to a relationship with Catherine (Does not stop anyway)
D-1 Swayed by Catherine (Good, my love)
E-1 Marriage with Katherine (You and me forever)
D-2 Return to relationship with Katherine (Full of memories)
Swayed by Katherine (If you can meet in a dream)
B-1 Don’t choose either. (Tomorrow)
B-1* Don’t choose either. (Our journey)

* Reachable if the Karma meter is in the middle.

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