Catherine: Full Body - Close Encounter (10th Night) Walkthrough (Rin Route)


A complete storyline walkthrough of Close Encounter (Rin Route) in Catherine: Full Body, including strategies, answers to questions, and obtainable items.

Catherine Full Body - Close Encounter (10th Night) Walkthrough (Rin Route)

Close Encounter – 10th Night

Walkthrough (Rin’s Route)

1 Action Puzzle (Tenth Night: 1st Layer)
2 Confessional Room: 1st Question to the Future
3 Action Puzzle (Tenth Night: 2nd Layer)
4 Confessional Room: 2nd Question to the Future
5 Action Puzzle (Tenth Night: 3rd Layer)
6 Confessional Room: Final Question to the Future
7 Action Puzzle (Tenth Night: Final Layer)
8 Ending


There are no stray sheep interactions available on any landings.

Confessional Room Choices

The final question changes depending on the answer to the third question. The last branches of the table below correspond to the final selections.

1st Question to the Future: What are humans truly capable of?

Final Branch Answers
Senseless destruction.
A Boundless creation.

2nd Question to the Future: What has driven you to go this far?

Final Branch Answers
A Love for the one I cherish.
I can’t stop now.

Final Question to the Future: What is the true nature of love?

Final Branch Answers
Self-righteous greed.
A An endless possibility.

Ending Result

Final Branch Ending
A A new happy ending with Rin (World for Two)
Other than A Part with Rin (My Way)

* Reachable if the Karma meter is in the middle.

Big Brother (Archangel) Boss Strategies

Here is a breakdown of attacks and strategies against the boss:

Catherine: Full Body - Big Brother (Archangel) Boss Guide

Big Brother (Archangel) Boss Guide

Big Brother (Archangel) Attacks

  • Big Brother will watch first and let his special types of blocks to charge and shoot laser beams. This starts immediately at the beginning of the puzzle tower up until pass the first check point.
  • The second attack involves the boss moving behind the puzzle tower. Archangel will raise his hands and shoot a laser beam in order to target Vincent’s current position. The laser beam can cover a whole row.
  • The third attack of the boss involves sending out clones of Vincent. They will mirror the player’s movement and attempt to limit or block Vincent’s next movement.
  • The fourth attack is similar to the second attack but it will cover multiple rows of the tower. Instead of a laser beam, Big Brother will call a tornado in order to blow away Vincent from the bottom section of the tower. Some blocks may become fragile or broken blocks afterwards
  • For his fifth attack, the boss will pull out certain blocks and aim them directly at Vincent.
  • The sixth attack involves meteor coming from the atmosphere. The targeted blocks are highlighted in red.

Big Brother (Archangel) Strategy

  • If you’re playing on Easy or Normal Mode, you can make use of UNDO in order to lessen the intensity of the attacks of the boss.
  • Attempt to bait the upcoming attacks of the boss at certain blocks.
  • You push or punch Vincent’s clones in order to get rid of them.
  • Don’t make Vincent stay at the bottom section of puzzle since most attacks are coming from that direction.
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