Catherine: Full Body - Game Modes

A list of game modes available in Catherine: Full Body, including the various features that can be accessed from the game's menu.

Catherine: Full Body - Game Modes

Game Modes

Here are the playable game modes available in Catherine: Full Body. Some game modes can be played online and offline.

Golden Theater Mode

Golden Theate is the game’s main story mode where you must solve various action puzzles involving stone blocks to climb upward during a dream.

Golden Theater Walkthroughs

Babel Mode

Babel Mode lets you compete against an opponent to see who can who can climb the highest up a tower of stones randomly stacked.

Babel Mode

Colosseum Mode

Colosseum Mode is the game’s online puzzle battle mode where you can challenge other players to see who can solve the puzzle first.

Online Arena

Online Arena Mode lets you interact with other players in puzzles, including cooperating with friends.

Online Arena Mode

Other Configurations

Game Config

Catherine: Fully Body allows you to tweak the game’s settings.

Coop Play

You can play with a second player just using a DS4 Controller or Joy Con. When it comes to the Nintendo Switch version, two players can also play through local communication if both have a copy of the game’s software.

Cross Save and Cross Play

You can transfer data between your Playstation 4 console and Playstation Vita portable device through Cross-Save. In addition, it is possible to use online features with the two devices with Cross Play. Make sure you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

For Nintendo Switch, you also need to have an active subscription of Nintendo Switch Online. Unfortunately, you cannot play against players who uses a PS4 and Vita version.

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