Catherine: Full Body - Doom’s Bride Boss Guide

Boss guide for Doom's Bride in Catherine: Full Body, including its attacks and detailed strategies on how to defeat the boss in the game.

Catherine: Full Body - Doom's Bride Boss Guide

How to Defeat Doom’s Bride in Catherine: Full Body

Doom’s Bride is the fourth boss enemy encountered in Catherine: Full Body. The boss is faced during the 5th Night.

Catherine: Full Body - Doom's Bride

Quadrangle (5th Night) Walkthrough

Doom’s Bride Attacks

  • The boss will stab Vincent if he is too close to her. If you do not move out of your position, he will get knocked out, stunned, or die instantly.
  • If Vincent is higher, the boss will cause an avalanche to fall down towards multiple columns of blocks. If hit, Vincent will fall and eventually get knocked out of the puzzle.
  • In the end of the puzzle, the boss will call out a tornado that will cover the entire level. Random blocks will be pulled from the puzzle and get thrown at Vincent. If hit, Vincent will die instantly.

Doom’s Bride Strategy

  • Make use of the UNDO option if you are playing in Normal or Easy mode. If you get hit by the avalanche, push the UNDO button multiple times before falling off.
  • Keep an eye on the blocks turning red and avoid them. These blocks are the intended to be targeted by the floating blocks.
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