Catherine: Full Body - Todd Stray Sheep Guide

Character guide for Todd, a Stray Sheep Bar patron Vincent meets in Catherine: Full Body. Included are his availability and dialogue choices.

Catherine: Full Body - Todd Stray Sheep Guide

Todd, Sheep with Regent Hair Guide

Todd Bozeman, Sheep with Regent Hair, is a successful businessman and regular patron Vincent Brooks meets in Catherine: Full Body.

Catherine: Full Body - Morgan, Sheep with Regent Hair

Don’t forget to interact with him when you see him appear in the Stray Sheep bar for the first time. He disappears after a few evenings if you don’t establish a conversation with him.

Todd Conversations Tips

Todd’s conversation choices occur both in the Stray Sheep bar and in the nightmare stages. He is available from the 2nd night up until the 3rd night.

Stray Sheep Conversation Tips

Todd Bonus Puzzle Technique

You will acquire puzzle techniques when talking to Justin starting on the 2nd night up until the 3rd night. Accept his invitation to teach, so that you can acquire the new puzzle techniques.

Puzzle Techniques

Todd Stray Sheep Availability

Here are Todd’s available times at Stray Sheep bar. He regularly stays at the bar counter.

Cat/Kat Route Rin Route Status Period
Prison of Despair (2nd Night) Available 20:30 – 21:50
Torture Chamber (3rd Night) Available 21:40 – 22:20
Inquisition (4th Night) Not Available N/A
Quadrangle (5th Night) Not Available N/A
Clock Tower (6th Night) Not Available N/A
Spiral Corridor (7th Night) Spiral Corridor (7th Night) Not Available N/A
The Cathedral (8th Night) The Cathedral (8th Night) Available 21:46 and onward

Todd Dialogue Choices

Here are the instances that Todd will appear both in the Stray Sheep bar and in Vince’s nightmares.

Cat/Kat Route Rin Route Location Dialogue Choices
Prison of Despair (2nd Night) Stage 2-1 Landings Question: “You want me to teach you the technique I found?”
Correct Answer
: “Yes! Tell me!”

Question: “How was that? Betcha didn’t know.”
Correct Answer
: “Any answer”
Stage 2-2 Landings Question: “You survived because of the techniques I found, huh?”
Correct Answer
: “Teach me something else!”

Question: “You knew that!?”
Correct Answer
: “Any answer”
Stray Sheep Bar Question: “Have we met?”
Correct Answer
: “Maybe…”
Wrong Answer: “Hey …”
Torture Chamber (3rd Night) Stage 3-1 Landings Question: “Whatever. I’ll let you in on a technique I figured out.”
Correct Answer
: “Please tell me.”
Stage 3-2 Landings Normal Conversation only
Stray Sheep Bar Question: “Do you know what you’ve got to have to be a real man?”
Correct Answer
: “Lots of money.” (Angel Up)
Wrong Answer: “Harem.”(Devil Up)
Inquisition (4th Night) Stage 4-1 Landings Normal Conversation only
Quadrangle (5th Night) Stage 5-1 Landings Question: “She wants revenge… I broke up with her because she lied about being pregnant, and now look at me!”
Correct Answer
: “The pregnancy was a lie?”
Stage 5-2 Landings Question: “…I was abandoned. I guess I can’t help it if I’m worthless…”
Correct Answer
: “That’s your dad’s fault!” (Angel Up)
Wrong Answer: “That’s part of the past.”(Devil Up)
Spiral Corridor (7th Night) Spiral Corridor (7th Night) Stage 7-1 Landings Normal Conversation only
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