Catherine: Full Body - Child with a Chainsaw Boss Guide

Boss guide for Child with a Chainsaw in Catherine: Full Body, including its attacks and detailed strategies on how to defeat the boss in the game.

Catherine: Full Body - Child with a Chainsaw Boss Guide

How to Defeat Child with a Chainsaw in Catherine: Full Body

Child with a Chainsaw is the fifth boss enemy encountered in Catherine: Full Body. The boss is faced during the 6th Night.

Catherine: Full Body - Child with a Chainsaw

Clock Tower (6th Night) Walkthrough

Child with a Chainsaw Attacks

  • The boss will stab Vincent with a chainsaw if he is too close to it. If Vincent does not move out of his position quickly, he die instantly.
  • The boss will cut off an entire right third of the tower. This will cause it to fall into the darkness.
  • The boss with fire its gatling gun. This will make a rain of blocks to fall from the sky. It will kill Vincent instantly if hit. Buzzsaws will come out and travel vertically and horizontally along the tower.
  • When Vincent is almost at the top of the puzzle, the boss will cut off another right third of the tower.

Child with a Chainsaw Strategy

  • Use UNDO to remove the buzzsaws.
  • Remember the order to the attacks of the boss. Start by staying in the left side of the tower while the boss is chopping off the right side. This also applies in the ending phase of the puzzle.
  • All buzzsaws will come back around after moving horizontally or vertically.
  • Keep an eye on the blocks Vincent is walking on especially when gunfire is coming from the boss. When a block turns red, move away or jump quickly.
  • Avoid resorting to hanging since you are still susceptible to the falling blocks.
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