Catherine: Full Body - Trisha (Rue Ishida) Character Information

Character information for Trisha (Rue Ishida,) a character of Catherine: Full Body. Included is her background and role in the game.

Catherine: Full Body - Trisha (Rue Ishida) Character Information

Trisha (Rue Ishida) Character Information

Trisha (or Rue Ishida in the Japan version of the game) is the hostess of the Golden Playhouse and the presenter of Vincent Brooks‘ Catherine: Full Body story to players.

Catherine: Full Body - Trisha (Rue Ishida)

Trisha (Rue Ishida) in Catherine (2011)

Trisha later breaks the fourth wall and reveals to you, the player, that she’s actually a Goddess of Fertility named Ishtar who is looking for another partner. She then explains that the purpose of the puzzle challenges is to check on you, the player, if you are worthy to be her partner.

Trisha (Rue Ishida) in Catherine: Full Body

Nothing is revealed so far when it comes to Trisha in Catherine: Full Body.

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