Catherine: Full Body - Underground Cemetery Walkthrough

A complete storyline walkthrough of Undeground Cemetery in Catherine: Full Body, including strategies, answers to questions, and obtainable items.

Catherine: Full Body - Game Guide and Walkthrough by Samurai Gamers

Action Puzzle Walkthrough

The first puzzle of the game is a tutorial. Just follow the instructions to easily solve it and learn the game’s mechanics.

Basic Puzzle-Solving Techniques for Beginners

Adventure Walkthrough

*Take note that during the story, Vincent’s lover is Katherine (with a “K”) and the one that he has an affair with is Catherine (with a “C”).

The Karma meter changes depending on the choices you make throughout the game. The status of the Karma meter heavily affects the ending you will get after clearing the story.

Ending Conditions List


Mail “Contact”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel I guess that’s what you’re interested in? Actually, I also think about it from time to time. Let’s talk about you again, okay?
Devil I’m sorry. I can’t think of anything right now. My brain is busy.

E-mail “Maybe”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel Oh, this is.. even now it’s hard to sleep.
Devil Don’t push yourself too hard. Isn’t it funny? See you.

Telephone “Katherine”

Karma Meter Answers
Angel Leave early -> Do not care.
Devil Don’t leave early -> Like that.
No change Let’s stop going out.
Prison of Despair (2nd Night) →

Other Walkthroughs

Catherine/Katherine Route
Underground Cemetery (1st Night) Prison of Despair (2nd Night) Torture Chamber (3rd Night)
Inquisition (4th Night) Quadrangle (5th Night) Clock Tower (6th Night)
Spiral Corridor (7th Night) The Cathedral (8th Night) The Empireo (9th Night)
Rin Route
Spiral Corridor (7th Night) The Cathedral (8th Night) The Empireo (9th Night)
Close Encounter (10th Night) - -

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