Catherine: Full Body - Stray Sheep Patrons

A list of troubled stray sheep that Vincent encounters in Catherine: Full Body. Included are tips on achieving their trophies.

Catherine: Full Body - Stray Sheep Patrons

Stray Sheep Patron Guide

While at Stray Sheep Bar, Vincent Brooks encounters and meets other patrons through Boss‘ introduction.

Catherine: Full Body - Stray Sheep Patron Guide

These patrons appear in Vince’s nightmares in the form of sheep. Vince’s role is to listen to them while they are in sheep form, then, help them solve their problems by correctly responding.

Trophy Rewards

Catherine Full Body - Saving Stray Sheep Trophies

When you successfully pick the right response for each sheep, you will get Trophies later on. These trophies will appear when you reach the 8th stage.

Stray Sheep Conversation Tips and Reminders

Read the Dialogues Carefully

Avoid skipping dialogue to reach conversation choices quickly. You might miss out on information and make bad conversation choices as a result.

Picked Conversations Choices Cannot be Undone

When the player chose the wrong response, it cannot be undone. Moreover, the sheep’s problem would end up unresolved.

Speak to Sheep Early

The sheep appearing in the stage landing area do not stay there forever. Always visit and talk to them before you start climbing through the nightmare’s puzzles.

Regularly Speak with Sheep

Always approach the sheep when they appear, even if you already talked to them on the previous night.

Sheep Disappear when Bad Responses are Picked

You would know if you picked the wrong response when the sheep no longer appear in the nightmare’s landing area.

Stray Sheep Patrons

Catherine: Full Body Stray Sheep
Catherine: Full Body - MorganMorgan (Sheep with Police Hat) Catherine: Full Body - JustinJustin (Sheep with Glasses)
Catherine: Full Body - ToddTodd (Sheep with Regent Hair) Catherine: Full Body - ArchieArchie (Long-Haired Sheep)
Catherine: Full Body - DanielDaniel (Sheep with Sunglasses) Catherine: Full Body - RoderickRoderick (Sheep with Scarf)
Catherine: Full Body - AbulAbul (Golden Sheep) Other Stray Sheep

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