Catherine: Full Body - Rin (Qatherine) Character Information

Character information for Rin (Qatherine), the new female character of Catherine: Full Body. Included on this page is her background and role in the game.

Catherine: Full Body - Rin (Qatherine) Character Information

Rin (Qatherine) Character Information

Rin (also known as Qatherine) is a new character added for Catherine: Full Body.

Catherine: Full Body - Rin (Qatherine)

She is Vincent’s new neighbor and currently suffers from amnesia. She also becomes a pianist at the Stray Sheep Bar with the help of Vince.

Rin (Qatherine) in Catherine: Full Body

Rin’s role in the game is to provide healing support for Vincent throughout the game’s puzzles.

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  1. Just a little head’s up – you might want to use neutral pronouns for Rin, if only for some accuracy + to not spoil anything.