Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Nidhogg Boss Guide

A boss guide for Nidhogg in Devil May Cry 5, including the boss' attacks and strategies on defeating it.

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Nidhogg’s Attacks

Since this boss only has one phase, it maintains the same attack pattern throughout the entire boss fight. V’s emergency evasion comes in handy for dodging Nidhogg’s attacks.
Tentacle Bite
DMC 5 Nidhogg Boss Guide
The tentacle extends its head in an attempt to bite you. To dodge, use Farthest Move and glide with Griffon.
Tentacle Mud Ball Attack
DMC 5 Nidhogg Boss Guide
Nidhogg expels sludge at the player. It will step back a little before using this move. Dodge the incoming projectile with Farthest Move.
Forward Slash
DMC 5 Nidhogg Boss Guide
DMC 5 Nidhogg Boss Guide
Nidhogg moves back and lunges at the player by slicing them with its sword-like appendages. A well-timed Farthest Move should be enough to save yourself from its impact.
Continuous Cutting
DMC 5 Nidhogg Boss Guide
DMC 5 Nidhogg Boss Guide
Nidhogg channels his energy to the right and prepares a flurry of cuts. Be sure to execute Farthest Move before the boss lands on you.


Summon Nightmare

Accumulate three bars of your Devil Trigger during the fight to call upon Nightmare. Make sure to always refill your gauge and continually summon Nightmare so you can consistently chip away Nidhogg’s health.

Hide in the Shadows

Avoid Nidhogg’s attacks by performing Fast Move. Since its attacks can all be dodged this way, you can avoid taking damage without the need to jump.

Sever its Limbs

DMC 5 Nidhogg Boss Guide
You can pin Nidhogg if you successfully cut off the three snake-like appendages attached to it. Line up your combos while it is unconscious to maximize damage. After some time has passed, it will stand up again so be sure to stay out of its reach.

Checking its Health

Nidhogg’s body will grow pale when its health is critically low. Finish it off to end the battle.

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