Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Sparda (Force Edge) Abilities and Move List

A guide and movelist for Sparda (Force Edge), Trish's main weapon in Devil May Cry 5, including button inputs and the attacks' mechanics.

Sparda (Force Edge) Abilities and Move List

Sparda (Force Edge as unawakened form) is Trish’s weapon in Devil May Cry 5. The Force Edge is originally wielded by Sparda, the Legendary Dark Knight and Dante’s father. Sparda used this blade to close the gate to the netherworld, sealing his own power inside it to strengthen the seal. Along with Force Edge, Sparda also used an item called the Perfect Amulet to seal the gate.

The Perfect Amulet is necessary to awaken the Force Edge’s true power, but it was split into two by Eva (Sparda’s wife) and gave it to her sons, Dante and Vergil.

Dante was able to complete the Amulet by defeating the corrupted Vergil (Nelo Angelo) to awaken the true power of the blade.

Abilities and Move List

We will update this list once the game releases in North America.


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