Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) - Vergil Final Boss Guide

A boss guide for Vergil, the final boss in Devil May Cry 5, including the boss' attacks and strategies on how to defeat him.

Vergil Final Boss Guide

DMC5 Vergil Final Boss Guide

Vergil’s Attacks

Fighting Vergil with Nero is not that different fromm when you fought him as Dante. Remember that you can jump or run away from nearly all of his attacks, even during his Devil Trigger form. Most of Vergil’s attack patterns remain the same as when he was encountered with Dante.

Vergil Boss Guide

Vergil Final Boss Strategy

Below are some key differences from the first battle to help you take him down as Nero. Again, the best time to attack him is always after he whiffs any of his moves.

Vergil can be staggered even in Devil Trigger form

DMC5 Vergil Final Boss Guide

Unlike Dante’s fight with Vergil, you will be able to stagger and damage him even when he is in Devil Trigger form. However, you still need to wait for the right time to attack. This is usually after a series of attacks.

Use Devil Breakers to open Vergil up to combos

You can use Devil Breakers to initiate the fight. Punchline is especially effective, as it will constantly pester Vergil until he decides to retaliate. This effectively opens him up to the rocket arm attack. You can also use Punchline against his spectral copy to get rid of it quickly.

Use Devil Trigger to Recover HP

DMC5 Vergil Final Boss Guide

When you find yourself struggling against Vergil, activate Devil Trigger to recover HP.

Use Buster on Vergil when he drops to his knees

DMC5 Vergil Final Boss Guide

A key feature in the fight is using Buster to deal massive damage to Vergil when he drops to the ground. Use it against Vergil to quickly deplete his HP.

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